Latest GTA V Update Adds More Than Heists: Graphic Options And More Detailed

Abdullah Awan

The latest GTA V update has brought GTA Online Heists to the table which allows you to team up with your buddies and pull amazing online missions leading to a one big mammoth score. This is, as you might have guessed, a big addition to the GTA series and it's here with more than just the addition of Online Heists. The new release adds graphical taste to the game which we will shed light in a minute. Although the patch notes are still to be released via an official Rockstar channel, there are always some things that are noticed immediately and stand out from the rest of the game, some are for the good while some for the worse.


GTA V Update Adds Motion Blur, Camera Setting and Default Reset

Graphically, the new update adds the ability to increase or decrease in-game motion blur strength (something that is commonly added in games from their release). It might not be a setting for the casual gamer, but someone who knows his graphics will certainly go out of the way to tinker with this added setting in the game.

The there's a somewhat newer concept of the camera option setting but the added controls are a pain in the neck and will attract many other gamers who want to get the most out of their GTA First person mode. Also, heres the best part (and I say that sarcastically), you remember how long it took you to initially get the game just as you wanted it? Hours of tinkering with the settings to get them right so you can finally relax and enjoy your Los Santos experience. Well, you're at equal footing now, because of this update everyone is again at default now. It's not as bad as I portrayed it to be but it's just a waste when you'd rather be spending your time exploring the gorgeous streets of Los Santos.

If the Xbox version is similar to the PS version, the above will hold for the Xbox aswell. And even though consoles originally did not have such high benchmarks for their games graphically, with the increasing hardware capabilities and customer preferences, developers are being forced to add certain tinkers to the game. However, this is a spoiler for the PC version of the game, where it is usually common for the game to allow the user to virtually alter all the graphical properties, giving them more freedom of choice. Guess there's not a big need for the PC version after all.

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