Latest Gboard Beta Finally Adds New Layout for Android Tablets

Furqan Shahid
Latest Gboard Beta Finally Adds New Layout for Android Tablets

It has been some time since the Gboard rolled out the split-keyboard layout for foldable tablets earlier this year. Google is now rolling out a new Gboard update that optimizes the layout for Android tablets. The new layout arrives with Gboard v12.3, which is currently in the beta channel. Now, the new version looks much more spacious right away and offers wider touch targets that should be easier to tap, as well.

Google Really Wants Gboard Users on Android Tablets to Have a Smoother Experience

Looking at the screenshots from 9to5Google, the new Gboard layout for Android tablets is slightly taller, giving better access to more keys. Compared to the old layout, which had larger rectangular buttons, the new design features square keys, making it easier to tap. You also get access to a new Tab key, left arrow, and right arrow buttons, and the Caps Lock key is now in its usual location in the second row.

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You can see how the old Gboard looked below:

Below is the latest, updated Gboard:

The differences are subtle, but they are there and should make up for an easier overall experience when using the keyboard.

The Comma and Period buttons are no longer next to the Space bar, and Google has moved them to their default location between M and Shift keys. They have replaced the Exclamation point and Question Mark keys, and you will have to tap on the special characters and numbers button in the bottom left corner to access them. The dedicated Emoji button is now on the left side of the Space bar as opposed to the right side.

You can look at the old layout below:

For the new layout, you can look at the image below:

Again, the changes you are seeing are subtle at best. However, along with these changes, Google has also added a sixth shortcut to the suggestion strip at the top. The new layout does not change in portrait mode, however, and the buttons are slightly narrower.

The changes are only available in the new Gboard version 12.3 on the beta channel, but it is not available for the beta testers just yet. However, it should be reaching more users in the coming weeks.

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