Konami says “Consoles are dying”

Konami creator Hideo Kojima has claimed that console gaming is about to die, he says it is only a matter of time before cloud gaming will reduce computer requirements for high end games and will be an incentive for console gamers to move back or switch over to the PC for their gaming needs like it used to be.

"In the near future, we'll have games that don't depend on any platform," Kojima said during an event in Tokyo promoting the upcoming release of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the Sony PSP. "Gamers should be able to take the experience with them in their living rooms, on the go, when they travel--wherever they are and whenever they want to play. It should be the same software and the same experience."

But SCEI says; "It's a bold prediction," Sony Computer Entertainment Japan President Hiroshi Kawano said. "We hope he continues to develop for platforms, but we deeply respect his sense of taking on a challenge."

SCEI is helping Kojima in his latest project which is to be released in the US in this coming June, Kojima further added that his upcoming game "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" will help sharpen management skills while also indicating that it was a test platform, to show people his idea of how portable gaming works. What ever he learns from Peace Walker and apply it to his future visions of gaming on demand.

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