KingPin Achieves New World Record With Quad-Way GeForce GTX Titan on Air – Hits 1750 MHz on LN2

GeForce GTX Titan

Renowned GPU overclocker and record holder KingPin is back with a bang and this time he's loaded with Quad-Way GeForce GTX Titan GPUs. During their launch of the GeForce GTX Titan, NVIDIA brought EVGA's in-house overclocker KingPin to their test labs where the man himself achieved some record shattering numbers with up-to Quad-Way SLI GTX Titan setup.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Clocked to 1136 MHz on Air Cooling

The first record is by far the most impressive where KingPin achieved a record overclock of Quad GeForce GTX Titan's at 1136 MHz core frequency on air. This goes off to show the impressive O.C potential of the new GK110 chips which some people had doubted at first. With this record overclock on air, a score of X18554 was achieved on 3DMark 11 extreme preset which is a world record itself.

1750 MHz Core Clock on TItan Achieved With LN2

The overclocking session didn't end here, second came the LN2 benchmarking where with some volt-modding KingPin achieved another record overclock of 1750 MHz core and 1707 MHz memory clock with an 1162 MV voltage. A score of P20990 was obtained with this configuration and is quite a score to get with a single GPU. There are more benchmarks and pictures of the overclocking session which can be found at kingpincooling forums and a few which we have posted below courtesy of the link provided above. Nevertheless, KingPin did a great overclocking spree with NVIDIA's latest graphical monster, the GeForce GTX Titan!

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