Just Cause 4’s Next DLC Pits Rico Against Giant Demonic Insects


Just Cause 4 has revealed it’s latest DLC, and it’s different than anything the series has done before. Los Demonios launches in July and adds a supernatural twist to the usual Just Cause action, with Rico Rodriguez taking on literal demons in a neon-soaked hellscape. Here’s a trailer for the DLC.

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Los Demonios is part of Just Cause 4’s "Dare Devils, Demons, and Danger" Expansion Pass. The pass includes a total of three DLC packs for $30 -- the first, Dare Devils of Destruction, released back in April. Check out a trailer for that, below.

Lost Demonios doesn’t arrive for a few more weeks, but Square Enix and developer Avalanche have just released a new Just Cause 4 update that improves lighting, adds destructible Black Hand statues, amps up enemy AI, and more. Here are your notes for the Just Cause 4 Spring Update:


  • Improved Lighting in Shadow
  • Made tweaks to the world lighting presets
  • Improved Night-time Visibility

Improved AI:

  • More Aggressive Black Hand Vehicle Combat
  • Better Air Combat Against Helicopters and Drones
  • Increased Black Hand Patrols in Solís
  • Increased Trains in the World


  • New Black Hand Destructible Statue
  • New Sky Crane and Black Hand Truck carrying Chaos Objects
  • New Destructible Train Bridges
  • Increased Ammo Capacity on Most Weapons
  • Streamlined the Supply Drop UI
  • Supply Drop pilot panel now displays loadout for each pilot
  • Added an "AR" icon when AR Mode is activated
  • Changed the Operations unlock description from "Pre-Requisites" to "Requirements"
  • Increased LOD Distance on Blue Electrical Spark VFX
  • Fixed an issue with the Frontline Mist VFX
  • Added a more Explosive Destruction VFX to the Turret
  • Fixed LOD on the Dirigibles
  • Fixed a bug causing Overlapping Text when Continuing a Save after Starting a New Save
  • On the Store Page, the Reload Function will now work after a Connected Standby
  • General Bug Fixes

Just Cause 4 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.