JPR: PC GPU Market Hits $11.8 Billion, NVIDIA Lost 1% Share To AMD But Still Owns 80% Of The GPU Market

NVIDIA Retains Leadership Position In The Discrete GPU Market While AMD & Intel GPU Shipments Decline

It might have been a dreadful year for gamers but it has been an absolutely spectacular year for IHVs like AMD and NVIDIA. GPU AIB market, according to JPR Research, hit the $11.8 Billion mark in Q2'21 and shows that both AMD and NVIDIA are selling almost every chip they can produce - although most of it isn't going to gamers but rather to cryptocurrency farms and other applications.

Jon Peddie Research reports the growth of the global PC-based Graphics Processor Units (GPU) market reached 123 million units in Q2'21 and PC CPU shipments increased by 42% year-over-year. Overall, the installed base of GPUs will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.5% during 2020–2025 to reach a total of 3,318 million units at the end of the forecast period.

Over the next five years, the penetration of discrete GPUs (dGPU) in the PC will grow to reach a level of 25%.

* The GPU's overall attach rate (which includes integrated and discrete GPUs, desktop, notebook, and workstations) to PCs for the quarter was 117%, down -0.1% from last quarter.
* The overall PC CPU market increased by 3.5% quarter-to-quarter and increased 42.1% year-to-year.
* Desktop graphics add-in boards (AIBs that use discrete GPUs) decreased by -2.9% from the last quarter.
* This quarter saw a 3.4% rise in tablet shipments from last quarter.

Jon Peddie, President of JPR, noted, “Covid has distorted every forecasting model in the universe—even Moore’s Law has been disrupted. Predictions based on short-term conditions have created conflicting and distorted estimates from some quarters that will be proven wrong and embarrassing.”

On the discrete GPU side, NVIDIA lost a single percentage point of share to AMD but still owns a healthy 80% of the entire discrete GPU market. AMD recently launched new GPUs while NVIDIA was stockpiling inventory for the RTX 3060 Ti (that would show up in the Q3 report) but it looks like the market is mostly stable with AMD clawing tiny chunks of share from NVIDIA (likely due to the far lower ASP of the GPUs).

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