Jett: The Far Shore Shows Stylish, Serene Sci-Fi Exploration in Its First Gameplay Trailer

Jett The Far Shore

When will PlayStation get its next Journey? That is to say, its next great, stylish indie adventure? Well, it looks like Jett: The Far Shore from Canadian indie developer Superbrothers has a shot at claiming that title. Jett is a slick, stylish sci-fi adventure game that veers away from the things most similar titles tend to focus on – namely blasting aliens and collecting resources. Instead, the game will be more exploration and puzzle driven, with players having to find out what makes the world and aliens the encounter tick in order to succeed. That said, there are dangers out there in space, and you will encounter more action-based challenges as well. Check out the first gameplay trailer for Jett: The Far Shore, below.

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Here’s a bit more info on what you can expect from Jett: The Far Shore:

In Jett you play as Mei, an interstellar explorer who is part of a team hoping they’ve found a home for their civilization. The directives given to you by Overseer Jao are clear: you must trace the source of the hymnwave signal that led you to this mysterious planet and scout the landscape for habitability without bringing harm to its unique flora and fauna. To that end, you will observe, inspect and catalog your findings as you explore the unfamiliar environment. You’ll need to make careful use of your jett’s tools such as the resonator, the dazzle lights, and the mechanical grapple which can grab, transport, and punt heavy objects.

The far shore is brimming with entities that coexist in a dynamic, interactive ecosystem where your jett is the interloper. By inspecting and experimenting, you can learn to lure predators to their prey, or combine resin with an ionic liquid to create a much-needed explosive, or ditch an enormous airborne pursuer by triggering a burst of debilitating nectar from an otherworldly plant. There are many creatures and interactions to discover, and not all players need to overcome Jett’s challenges the same way.

Perhaps most exciting is Jett’s particular blend of story and gameplay. You’ll be swept up in the fate of Mei and her fellow scouts as they persevere through obstacles in their heartfelt quest to establish a peaceful home for their people against heavy odds. But this carefully-crafted narrative is actually set within an open world that you explore and traverse at your own pace. From scientific problem-solving to surreal psychological excursions to white-knuckle racing against the clock, there’s a feeling of finding yourself at the center of a distinctive cinematic experience.

It also sounds like Jett will be making good use of the Dualsense controller on the PS5…

PS5’s DualSense controller provides an exciting opportunity to do something new in videogames. In Jett, we’ve used the controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to immerse you in the vast world of the far shore and in the pilot’s seat of your jett: the nuance of walking on foot over different types of terrain, the feel of your jett as it pounces through aerobatic maneuvers, the pull of the trigger as you lay on the surge, and of course crucial gameplay feedback like the buzz of your scramjets starting to destabilize when you push them to their limits.

Jett: The Far Shore begins its exploration on PC, PS4, and P55 sometime in 2021.

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