JBL Tour Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds Have an Ace up Their Sleeve That Is Lacking on Apple’s AirPods, a Case Touchscreen

JBL Tour Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds Have an Ace up Their Sleeve That Is Lacking on Apple’s AirPods, a Case Touchscreen

As much as Apple’s AirPods family has opened a gateway for other manufacturers to introduce their own variants of wireless earbuds, there is little separating them when it comes to unique features. JBL’s latest Tour Pro 2 aims to change the way users interact with these portable earbuds, and that is by incorporating a display on the charging case.

JBL’s Latest Wireless Earbuds Also Come With Features Normally Reserved for High-End Models

The Tour Pro 2 ship with adaptive noise cancellation, along with customizable ANC. However, the stand-out feature is the 1.45-inch LED touchscreen present at the back of the charging case. Apart from displaying essential metrics of the wireless earbuds, the panel allows you to switch between screens through a swiping motion and interact with it accordingly. You can also see who is calling you, check your messages, and see what sort of notifications you get.

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While this eliminates the need to carry a smartwatch, it can become cumbersome for the owner since they do not usually carry a wireless earbud case in their hands at all times, nor can they strap the case to their wrist like they do with a wearable. Additionally, the LED requires some extra components to be added to the charging case, so while carrying it, you will notice that it is heavier than other cases. Moving on to the Tour Pro 2, they are Bluetooth 5.3 compatible and ship with 10mm drivers, which are larger than the 6.8mm ones featured on the Tour Pro Plus.

As for the battery life, the Tour Pro 2 are said to last for around 10 hours before needing to be placed in the charging case. Overall, JBL claims a total of 40 hours of battery life with the charging case, but there are no details on how much of a negative effect that LED will have on the accessory’s runtime. Sadly, JBL does not intend to bring its latest wireless earbuds to arrive in the U.S., which is a shame, since that charging case LED screen could have been helpful in many scenarios.

Regardless, the Tour Pro 2 will set you back by €249 in Europe and £220 in the U.K If you live in the U.S., you can still import them, at your own risk, of course.

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