Jailbreak Playstation 3 With PS Jailbreak Guide (Firmware 3.41)

Hassan Mujtaba

One of the most secure consoles has finally been jailbreaked, Yes we are talking about the PlayStation 3 here. The Jailbreaking process is also quite easy to perform. You will need to plug-in a USB and install a Software named BackUp Manager on your PS3 in order to hack/Jailbreak it.

The news of Jailbreaking the PlayStation 3 came yesterday and with in a day we have a guide set up for you to Jailbreak the PlayStation 3. You can check out the news in the following links:

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PSJailbreak reviewed, Fans everywhere are shocked

Shocking news for fans indeed who were proud of owning the most secure and Legit gaming console ever, Not Anymore.

Details on the specifications of Playstation 3 Mod Chip Package.

  • The PS Jailbreak is compatible with any existing PlayStation 3 model to this day (either FAT or SLIM).
  • We realziar backups in both the Internal HD as an external HD
  • Works with all PlayStation 3 games.
  • Supports homebrew.
  • Upgradeable to add new features.

According to the official site, The exploit works best with V 3.41 firmware. It does support the previous version but some problems were experienced with the other one's so the latest V 3.41 has been recommended to be used. 150 Games have been tested and work perfect with it.

Things Required for Jailbreak:

1- Firmware 3.41 has to be installed on the console.

2- Backup Manager should be downloaded from this website and copy it on any external USB storage device formatted with FAT32.

Now Follow the following guide carefully in order to successfully jailbreak the PlayStation 3.

Jailbreak the Playstation 3, Playstation 3 Mod Chip Guide:

Step 1:

First of all you need to switch off the console and follow the following instructions depending on the console you own.

PlayStaion 3 FAT:

Turn of the console from the rear switch.

PlayStation 3 Slim:

You need to disconnect the power cord from the back of the console.

Step 2:

Now you need to connect the PS Jailbreak USB to the USB Connectors (Any USB Connector you may like) on the PlayStation 3. Make sure that no other device is connected to the PlayStaion 3 while Jailbreaking.

Step 3:

Then after connecting the USB, Press the "Power" Button on the PS3 and then press the "Eject" Button. You'll notice two LED's on the USB turn on while the console loads.

1- If you see a Green Light on the USB, It means that the Jailbreak is working properly.

2- If you see a Red light, Then it means that the Jailbreak has not been loaded properly which could be due to that you don’t properly press the ‘Power’ sequence and then ‘Eject’ button.

3- If you come face to face with a red light then follow the previous steps again making sure you have cut down power for Playstation 3 Fat, and have disconnected the power cord from the back of Playstation 3 Slim.

Step 4:

After the Jailbreak loads successfully, You need to connect the USB external storage device with Back Up Manager console, Which you downloaded from the Website in the link given above.

Step 5:

Now go to Menu and move to option ‘Install Package Files’, and select Back Up Manager, ‘Manager.PKG’.

Step 6:

After the backup manager installs, Select it ( The Backup manager) and Press Button "X".

Step 7:

After opening the Backup manager, Insert any DVD game and select whether to make a back up on the internal HDD, or the external USB storage device. If you do want to make up a backup on the External HDD, Press "O".

Step 8:

If you want to load a previously created back up, Insert the DVD in the gaming console and select the desired back up from the Back Up Manager and press X to install the game. If you want to delete any previously created backup, Press /.

Note. The reason behind inserting a DVD in the console is to emulate the loading process.

Step 9:

Once you have installed the game, You will automatically be redirected to the main menu where the game can be seen installed and ready to be played.

Warning. Once the jailbreak is installed on the console, it can’t be uninstalled or removed.


  • It may take up to 90 minutes to back up a game using PS Jailbreak, it took the tester in our case ‘PanaPozi’ about 90 minutes to back up God of War III.
  • The online mode works perfect right now but you never know when PSN patches this exploit.
  • It is impossible to install the updated to the games if they are installed on PS Jailbreak, but if you have DVD, the updates work as usual.
  • It is impossible to jump the videos of the games that are installed on PS Jailbreak.
  • Although the Back Up Manager is installed in the console, it is necessary to have PS Jailbreak properly connected and enabled to run the Back Up Manager.

Happy Jailbreaking.. 😀

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