It Will Take Google 60 Years to Sell as Many Phones as Samsung Does in a Single Year

Furqan Shahid
It Will Take Google 60 Years to Sell as Many Phones as Samsung Does in a Single Year

I grew up loving Google Nexus phones, the idea of having a pure-Android experience on a phone that was always made by some other company was refreshing as it allowed the companies to introduce their own twist onto the phone and allowed for a rather unique positioning. We have had Nexus phones from the likes of Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, and even HTC. The best part? All these phones shared different characteristics and offered something unique as far as the hardware was concerned while keeping the software experience the same.

However, Google decided to retire the Nexus lineup and introduced the Pixel lineup back in 2016, and although the first three generations were met with a warm response from critics and users alike, things started going downhill after the Pixel 4 came out.

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No Matter How Good They Are, Google Pixel Phones Will Need Decades to Catch Up With Samsung

Google has constantly been trying its best to make sure that the Pixel lineup remains as relevant as possible, but it seems like that is not happening, especially when you look at the latest data shared by IDC.

Bloomberg's Vlad Savov has shared some interesting facts that show us just how much water Google is in, and, to be honest, things are not looking good.

According to the data shared by IDC, since 2016, Google has only managed to sell 27.6 million units of Pixel phones. That is 1/10th of Samsung's sales in 2021. By doing some math, you will realize that it will take Google 60 years to sell as many phones as Samsung does in a year, and that is an insane difference that makes one wonder where Google is going wrong.

Honestly, Google is not really doing anything wrong. Savov further talks about how Google is not a competition for Samsung but more like insurance since Google has no other option for Android vendors in the U.S., especially with LG quitting the market, HTC exiting, and Chinese phones not being looked at with a welcoming eye. That leaves Sony, and we all know where the company stands.

This still does not mean that Google will stop making Pixel phones altogether. As a matter of fact, we are getting the Pixel 7 series tomorrow, and hopefully, we will be seeing the Pixel 8 series next year.

Do you think a market that is heavily dominated by Samsung can be budged by Google Pixel phones? Let us know what your thoughts are.

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