Is Advent Actually A New XCOM Game? Might Be Announced on Monday


The Advent teaser site that 2K games put up turned out to be a very clever way in which they teased in-universe elements of an upcoming XCOM game. According to the Advent site, it should be revealed this coming Monday.


New XCOM game going to be officially announced this Monday, according to the timer posted on the Advent teaser site.

Advent was only a tease of something much greater, and perhaps even the title of the future XCOM game. Each picture and element within the website had actually contained answers that eventually led to the conclusion that a new XCOM game is imminent.

When you hover over the lovely photos of residents of Advent on the site, they change to say how long those individuals have been missing for. That and some investigation revealed something rather telling, and certainly more definitive than anything else.

A pamphlet hides the letters GFIILOD when looked at closely and a photo of a molecule contains the letters NCOVO. Taken on their own they mean nothing, but the Internet is far clever than that and discovered that it's actually an anagram of the motto that was on the logo of XCOM in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Vigilo Confido, which means 'I am vigilant', or 'I am relied upon' in Latin (Latin can have many meanings per word).


Now, this is currently an educated guess, though nothing is set in stone at this point except for the fact that an official reveal is set for Monday, as per the countdown timer at the bottom. But the evidence is overwhelming considering one of the testimonial photos on the site morphs into a note about someone getting rescued, which certainly goes along with one of the meanings of that motto.

So stay tuned for this Monday when we'll be sure to cover the full announcement and any surprises that come our way. It would be great to see XCOM go back to its roots. I did a Sentimental Sunday piece that explored just how fun the older games can be even today. The franchise certainly does have a lot of potential and more life left in it than other franchises.