iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max Holiday Quarter Sales Have Been Disappointing, According to Best Buy Data

Corroborating various reports that talked about lower-than-expected sales of the 2018 iPhones, recent sales data from Best Buy shows that the sales of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have indeed been disappointing in the holiday quarter. The sales figures from Best Buy are a good proxy for iPhone’s performance, as it is the second larger retailer of Apple’s mobile devices.

Best Buy Sales Data Show That Sales of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Are Declining

Compared to other recently released models, the iPhone XS did well initially but its sales started to decline afterward. It witnessed a steep drop this month, particularly because of decreased interest in the 512GB variant. The 64GB model fared better and was the 2,690th most popular Best Buy product in October. It is down to 7,450 this week.

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The 256GB variant of the iPhone XS performed the best on October 4, when it was the 3,650th most popular product at Best Buy. However, it has now fallen to 10,000th place. Of all the iPhone XS variants, the 512GB one has performed the worst. At its best, it was the 17,100th most wanted product out of all the goods sold at Best Buy. Currently, it is down to the 38,000th spot.

The iPhone XS Max is doing relatively better. On October 4, it reached its highest rank at 3,450. However, it has all been downhill ever since and currently, its average rank is 9,370 across all iPhone XS Max models. The 64GB variant of the phone is the best selling version with a rank of 1,420 on October 4. It has come down to 5,690 now.

The 256GB variant of the phone also peaked on October 4 with a rank of 1,540. It has now dropped to 6,630. The model with 512GB of internal memory reached its peak of 15,800 on October 4, and the ranking has now dropped to 15,800. Surprisingly, sales data of the iPhone XR were not provided, and an Apple executive has said that it is the most popular model since its release in October.

For 2018, the iPhone XR appears to be the most sensible iPhone Apple has launched but it does not look to be enough to increase overall shipments, according to supply chain reports. What reasons do you think were the result of poor iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max sales? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Thinknum

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