iPhone X Screen Issues – Device Has Color Shifts and Dims When Viewed at a Slant


There are several things to like about the iPhone X although the starting price is definitely our least preferred attribute of the smartphone. The OLED screen presents better energy efficiency and brighter colors when viewed outdoors, but it appears that the screen still suffers from some minor issues, as you’ll soon find out.

iPhone X Screen Is Manufactured by Samsung but It Is a Custom-Built Display Made to Apple’s Specifications - It Is Not an Off-the-Shelf Part

According to a TechCrunch review, the iPhone X might feature an OLED display made by Samsung, but it is not a regular part belonging to the Korean tech giant but one that had to be made according to Apple’s requirements and specifications. There will naturally be a significant number of color differences that occur and that has been summarized below.

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“The one area where this display falls prey to standard OLED gripes is in off-axis viewing. Apple tells me that it has done work to counter the drop-in saturation and shift to blue that affects OLED screens traditionally. I can tell you that, compared to other OLED screens, you have to get further “off of center” to see a real shift in color, holding the phone 30 degrees or more off of dead on. But it is still there. For people who share their phone’s screen or use it at odd angles a lot, it will be noticeable. On some phones, OLEDs go super blue. On the iPhone X it’s more of a slight blue shift with a reduction in saturation and dynamic range. It’s not terrible, but it definitely exists.”

It is possible that Apple is not aware of this little issue and as the review states, it is not terrible but it definitely exists which it should not, since you’re forking $999 for a piece, and more if you’re living in a different country.

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News Source: TechCrunch