Here’s the 6.7-inch iPhone X Plus You Always Wanted – Concept Images


Apple released the iPhone X in just one screen size. There's no 'Plus' variant. But someone imagined up the larger, iPhone X Plus if it was ever going to be, and it looks insanely gorgeous.

The iPhone X Plus is a Larger Version of Apple's Flagship Smartphone. Packs a Monstrous 6.7-inch OLED Super Retina display.

Though Apple released the iPhone 8 Plus, accompanying the iPhone 8, some believed that the Cupertino company would do the same for the iPhone X. But nope, the company went ahead and released just one variant of the smartphone in terms of size and called it a day. Don't get me wrong here, I love the screen size at 5.8 inches, but the iPhone X does not feature the 'Plus' features from a larger iPhone. So if you were hoping for a landscape home screen or an expanded view of the Settings app or a landscape Weather app then you are going to be severely disappointed with the iPhone X.

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However, Martin Hajek fired up his modeling tools and imagined up an iPhone X Plus, complete with a 6.3-inch display in a body that's no larger than an iPhone 8 Plus. The results? You have to see for yourself. It's simply gorgeous.

iPhone X Plus Image Gallery.

The biggest appeal, without a doubt, is that gigantic Super Retina display. Not only it will look nice with a 6.7-inch panel, but will boost the content you are watching by a huge margin. Basically, it'll be the ultimate Netflix phone, if you are asking me. Or a gaming device, if you sit on that side of the fence. We all have our priorities.

Do tell us in the comments section what you think about the iPhone X Plus? Would you buy one if Apple made it next year, or the one after that? I for one definitely will.

News Source: Martin Hajek