iPhone X is Now Shipping in 5-6 Weeks – Good Luck Putting One Under the Christmas Tree


The iPhone X went on pre-order today and the shipping dates have already slipped to 5-6 weeks.

iPhone X Sold Out like Hotcakes in Minutes. Won't Ship Until the End of the Year.

Given the lackluster sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, it was obvious that buyers had their eyes fixated on Apple's third hotness - the iPhone X. There were even rumors that Apple's suppliers aren't able to make enough iPhone X phones thanks to the amount of technology the company has packed in the notch alone. Subsequently, it came to light that Apple might have a limited supply come launch day. Combine that with the excessive demand, the iPhone X has turned into a unicorn soon after the device went on pre-order.

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If you head over to apple.com right now and went straight to the iPhone X landing page to pre-order a handset for yourself, you'll notice that the shipping dates are sitting at '5-6 weeks.' This falls true for every single iPhone X model regardless of color, capacity or carrier. Basically, if you were hoping to pre-order a device right now, you're absolutely out of luck getting it on time.

However, if you head over to a site like eBay, then you might have a chance of owning an iPhone X before anyone else. It comes at a huge cost though. See, people are feasting over the helplessness of fanboys there who weren't able to pre-order a handset on time, charging up to $499 on top of Apple's price. But, I would suggest not burning your hard-earned money on a phone that starts at $999, until or unless your life depends on it.

Alternatively, you can buy the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, which are readily available the world over. The biggest difference between the iPhone X and iPhone 8 is obviously that display and the lack of Home button on the former. On the performance end, both smartphones are the same, except you get more bragging rights on the iPhone X.