iPhone X Hands-On Video Reveals Seamless App Switching, Check It Out


The iPhone X pre-orders are almost about to begin and we wonder how customers will react to the device. Right now, a new video has been posted on YouTube that reveals how the new app switching functionality works on the iPhone X. Since the device features a radical design change and the Home button at the front is no more, the company has appointed various gestures to fulfill the same tasks. App switching was one of the features where you would simply tap the Home button twice. WIth the Home button gone, all you have to do is perform the half swipe up gesture to initiate the mode. So let's dive in to see some more details on the gesture and how seamless it is on the new iPhone X.

App Switching On The iPhone X Is Seamless And Fluid

The iPhone 8 and its bigger 'Plus' sized variant features a Home button, unlike the iPhone X. With that said, the device can easily access the multitasking function with a double press. However, we can presume that the iPhone 8 will be the last iteration of the iPhone to support a double press to initiate the app switching as the forthcoming iPhone variants are likely to adopt the bezel-less approach.

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As you can see in the embedded video, the app switching feature works flawlessly on the iPhone X. You can jump from one app to the other with simply a swiping gesture. This is pretty neat as the feature offers seamless transitions between the opened apps. The operation is quite fast and less time consuming compared to the traditional double pressing of the Home button operation.

The iPhone X pre-orders are about to begin and the company has flooded its home page with the new device. There are numerous animated sections on the page which detail a bevvy of features of the iPhone X.  This includes Face ID, wireless charging, the fast A11 Bionic processor that powers the device and much more. Information on pre-orders is also available, so do check it out if you're looking to get the device.

Pre-orders will officially begin on October 27 at 12:01 AM Pacific Time and will reach the end user a week later on November 3. If you're interested in getting it for yourself, be sure to be ready for it.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the video shared of the app switching fluidity on the new iPhone X? Share your views with us in the comments.