iPhone X Expected to Be Sold Even After iPhone X Plus Is Launched, Claims Supply Chain Rumor

iPhone X Expected to Be Sold Even After iPhone X Plus Is Launched, Claims Supply Chain Rumor

To prevent the cannibalization of the 6.1-inch iPhone model with LCD panel that is expected to drop later this year, Apple has been rumored to kill off the iPhone X after the humongous iPhone X Plus has been launched. However, there has been a little twist added to the tale here because a supply chain rumor suggests that the iPhone X is going to be sold for a considerably long period.

Rumor Suggests That the iPhone X Is Going to Be Sold Through 2019 - Apple Sticking to Its Usual Smartphone Strategy?

According to unnamed industry sources, Apple is expected to launch two new iPhone models that will be touting the OLED display, and this will include the 6.46-inch variant. However, these versions are going to be sold alongside the iPhone X. Since there are going to be potentially a larger number of devices being sold this year, Apple has been reported to seek out new partners for specific components.

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We feel that in addition to Samsung, the tech firm is going to be partnering with other manufacturers, which will include LG Display and possibly others. This rumor is noteworthy because according to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple was rumored to kill off the iPhone X as soon as the iPhone X Plus would be launched in various markets.

Apple has a long-term history of reducing the price tag of the previous-generation models in order to make sure that they are able to deliver a more compelling value to consumers who earlier believed that these smartphones were too expensive to entertain a purchase.

This year, we believe that Apple is going to be sticking to its guns, but you should still take this rumor with a pinch of salt for now. The smartphone industry is going to be extremely competitive this year, and there is no telling if Apple’s decision remains consistent with that of the strategy which is taking place for several years now.

Do you think the iPhone X will continue being sold up until 2019? Tell us down in the comments.

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