iPhone Water Resistance Class-Action Lawsuit Dismissed, Judge Rules Apple Did Not Mislead Customers


Apple was earlier taken to court for apparently misleading customers regarding claims of the iPhone’s water-resistance capabilities. Fortunately for the company, a U.S. federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit, stating that Apple has extensively advertised this feature and its limits.

Judge Rules That There Was Insufficient Evidence That Apple Relied on False Marketing Claims on the iPhone’s Water-Resistance

A report from Reuters mentions two plaintiffs, one from New York and the other from South Carolina who brought a lawsuit against Apple for ‘false and misleading’ misrepresentations of the iPhone’s water resistance. According to them, this allowed the company to charge twice as much for its handsets compared to the average price of smartphones.

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The U.S. District Judge Denise Cote stated that both plaintiffs had not provided sufficient evidence that demonstrates Apple’s misleading claims. Also, they did not prove that their iPhones could be damaged liquids inside the conditions that the technology giant had specified. The judge also found zero fraudulent evidence, as it was earlier claimed that Apple exaggerated the water-resistance capabilities of its iPhone range to obtain an advantage in the market.

As a reminder, even if an iPhone is advertised as being water-resistant, there is still a chance that water can seep inside and wreak havoc to the innards. If such an incident should occur, Apple’s customer care service will not honor the warranty, and you will have to either pay for the damages or purchase a brand new handset altogether. The same practice is followed by Samsung and others, so always exercise precaution when taking your smartphone near water.

The current iPhone 13 series offer the best water-resistance rating for an iPhone. Being IP68 certified, all iPhone 13 models can withstand water up to a depth of six meters, or 19.7 feet, for up to 30 minutes. This rating also means that the latest iPhone family can hold up against splashes, droplets from rain and accidental exposure. Even then, the last thing you want to see if pricey devices like this fail due to water damage.

News Source: Reuters