UBS Analyst Predicts That Starting Price of iPhone 8 Could Be Much Lower Than $1,000 – Upgraded Model Will Cost Four Figures

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Rumors of the $999 iPhone 8 have definitely crossed your eyes, right? Well, it is the price to pay for getting to experience a boatload of hardware improvements, features, and additions that have not been present on any other iPhone. However, there is still some good news that you guys can hang onto. According to one analyst, the starting price of the iPhone 8 is going to cost far less than $1,000 but there is still going to be an upgraded model that will cost you four figures.

UBS Analyst Claims That the iPhone 8 Has a Base Model Which Will Set the User Back by $870 – Upgraded Model Rumored to Cost far More

Steven Milunovich from UBS claims that the starting price of the iPhone 8 is going to cost $870. What the analyst (via Business Insider) failed to mention was the amount of internal memory we are going to find on the base model. Our assumption is that we could be seeing 64GB of on-board memory on this version because according to Milunovich, the upgraded iPhone 8 will cost the customer $1,070 and feature 256GB of native memory.

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Though other analysts claim that the iPhone 8 will have a starting price of $1,000, Milunovich states that this is the price for the higher-end model. Reasons for the price spike primarily has to do with the components that will be present inside the smartphone. Ranging from its edge-to-edge display that will feature OLED technology, right down to its support for wireless charging, everything that you have seen and loved about iPhones is going to be changed once Apple takes center stage to announce its crown jewel for 2017.

The iPhone 8 has been rumored to get a 5.8-inch display coupled with a near bezel-less form factor. It is going to be a slobber-knocker of a phone thanks to the A11 SoC found beneath the hood and before you ask, it is going to be manufactured on the 10nm FinFET node.

What starting price do you think is going to come attached to the iPhone 8? Let us know down in the comments.

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