iPhone 7 Plus Goes Toe to Toe With Google Pixel; Which Phone Will Come Out on Top?

Omar Sohail
iPhone 7 Plus vs Pixel speed test

Apple’s iPhone 7 has shown to the world that it can beat a Galaxy Note 7, so now let us see how well the best of the best from two different mobile operating system worlds perform. That is right, I am talking about the iPhone 7 Plus and the stock-Android running Google Pixel. Stock Android will always possess a natural advantage over those running custom UI, but let us see if it can overwhelm the crown jewel of Apple’s phablet lineup.

iPhone 7 Plus Vs Google Pixel: Which Smartphone Would Reach the Finish Line in the App Race Showdown

First off, we’d like to thank SuperSaf TV for going through the trouble of carrying out the speed test between iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel. Just in case you wondering, this is the regular Pixel and not the Pixel XL, so you’re looking at both devices with a 1080p resolution, showing that this is indeed going to be an ‘Apples to Apples’ comparison. Thanks to Apple’s superiorly design hardware and software combination, it is safe to assume on my own that the iPhone 7 Plus is going to be the clear winner.

Despite featuring the world’s fastest mobile chipset for an Android smartphone, Google Pixel is still unable to match its closest rival in the smartphone race. When the app race battle commences, the iPhone 7 Plus easily takes the lead, especially in taxing gaming applications ranging from Dead Trigger 2 and Temple Run 2, thus showing to the world the prowess of Apple’s mobile OS.

Keep in mind that iPhone 7 Plus features a whole gigabyte of RAM less than Google’s Pixel, meaning that regular consumers would immediately assume that you’ll be able to get more done on the Pixel than on the iPhone 7 Plus. Unfortunately, having 3GB of RAM on an iPhone and the same amount in an Android device means they will monumental differences as you can evidently see in the speed tests carried out in the video below.

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