iPhone 7 DFU Mode – How to Enter, Why You Need It


Here's how you can enter iPhone 7 DFU Mode in a few easy steps. The previous known method of entering DFU Mode no longer works.

iPhone 7 DFU Mode is Essential to Know About

The new Home button on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is more than a well pulled-off feat. Apart from being solid state that ensures lesser wear and tear, Apple had to readjust a few things in order to cater to a few other things. For starters, the method for hard resetting the device has changed since the Home button is no longer mechanical. Furthermore, Apple had to rearrange the button combination for how DFU Mode works as well.

But before we even tell you how to enter iPhone 7 DFU Mode, let's quickly dive into brief literature of what DFU Mode is and why you should know about it.

What is DFU Mode - Why Do I Need to Know About it?

DFU Mode (or Device Firmware Update Mode) is a state of your device where the operating system nor the bootloader loads up. The sole purpose of this mode is to interface your device with iTunes on your computer so that you can flash a new firmware on it. This is extremely useful when your device is refusing to boot up or you're forced out of iTunes in general.

So, keeping the last bit in mind, DFU Mode is necessary to know about if your device is rendered useless due to some software glitch. It's the last resort to interface your device with iTunes in order to bring things back to normal. In other words - it makes restoring to a fresh installation of iOS absolutely painless.

How to Enter iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus DFU Mode - Tutorial

Please read the steps written below multiple times if you want to get things right in the first go.

1. Launch iTunes on your computer and make sure you have the latest version installed as well.

2. With your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus powered down, connect it to your computer using the supplied Lightning cable.

3. As soon as you plug in the Lightning cable, hold down the 'Power' button for 3 seconds.

4. Now press and hold the 'Volume Down' button, with the 'Power' button being pressed down as well. Do this for 10 seconds.

5. Let go of the 'Power' button and keep on holding the 'Volume Down' button for at least 5 seconds.

6. iTunes will throw a warning at you if your device is in DFU Mode. If it does not, then it's highly likely you did not follow the above steps correctly. So don't worry, you'll definitely get it right in the second or third try at least.

Wrap Up

With iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, things have changed a little. And if you're an avid iOS user, you should know about how DFU Mode and hard resetting the iPhone 7 works.

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