We Just Might Get An iPhone 6C This Year – Device Battery Leaks Allegedly

Ah the iPhone 6C. Apple's original low cost iPhone saw a poor response from the company's dedicated fan base. The decision was in fact criticized as Tim Cook's choice of taking the company in a entirely new direction; different from what Steve Jobs would have liked. Sales were low and the Cupertino manufacturer chose to scrap the device completely from its portfolio. But the concept just refuses to die, and we see the iPhone 6C pop up here and there. And today, an alleged battery for the device has leaked.

Alleged iPhone 6C Battery Pack Surfaces With 1715 mAh Capacity

A low cost solution for many Apple fans is one thing that the Cupertino manufacturer has clearly lacked over its history. Apple's known for its highly priced, well designed devices, that are intended to give users that premium look and feel whenever they take 'em out of their pockets. The launch of the Apple Watch Edition further solidified Apple's intentions to stay this way; and this mantra has been working quite well for the company indeed, with iPhone sales surging and profits pouring in.

But the Android world always has had the advantage when it comes to budget, low cost and middle tier devices. And with times being good, is Apple looking to shake things up as well? Believing that NWE's sources for this image are correct, then we can assume the iPhone 6C will be coming with a battery of 1715 mAh, which is higher than the iPhone 5C. But the iPhone 5C did have a larger battery in terms of storage when compared to the iPhone 5 and for comparison sake the iPhone 6 has a capacity of 1810 mAh.

So if a low cost iPhone is really on the cards this time around, then shouldn't Apple be following a similar formula with the iPhone 6C as well? The device has seen rumors that peg it with the Apple A8 and the 5th generation iPhone's design language, so we're not sure what to expect this time. And all that will only stand true if the device truly sees the light of day. Stay tuned folks, you might get a low cost iPhone this year. Or not. We'll let you know. In the meanwhile share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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