iPhone 5 Rumormill Round up [Infographic]

By iRev

Our friends over at Nowhere Else made an excellent infographic which displays all the rumors regarding the soon to be released phone. These include the bigger screen, HDMI port, metal back etc so check it out after the break.

The iPhone 5 will definitely offer an abundance of features, some old and some new but we hope that Apple doesn't include surprises with it like they did with the iPhone 4 death grip or the iPad 2 screen bleeding issues. The phone shown in the images below looks like a 4G iPod touch but maybe Apple might be following a design similar to the iPhone 4. So far with better RAM, bigger display, NFC, A5 Processor, brighter screen, bigger screen / resolution and HDMI output this phone could be an awesome media center for watching videos on, surfing the internet on and many other great things which iPhones are all very well known for. If Apple decides to throw in 1080p HD video recording that would really be the icing on the cake.

And perhaps an improved battery life would also be a great incentive to encourage people to buy an iPhone 5. While the Q3 launch is not very likely right now we can only hope that people who are planning on buying an iPhone 4 on contract will hold their horses until the release of the iPhone 5. At the iPad 2 reveal Apple did boast that the iPad did meet a good response from the public and currently the iPhone 4 is one of the most popular contract based cell phones money can buy so hopefully Apple will give the iPhone 4 the remake it deserves in the form of an iPhone 5 just like Apple did with the first generation iPad.

For now we can only hope that in the future we hear news about iPhone 5 leaks and such and hopefully among those leaks will be an official unveiling of the iPhone 5

Source: Nowhere Else