iPhone 4 will be for $199 – 16GB

In the followup to the Breaking News a while ago, we now have confirmation for the price of new iPhone 4.

It will be for $199 for 16GB model and $299 for 32GB model. Where as the last generation iPhone 3GS will now sell for only $99.

Initially it will be shipped to only five countries (USA, UK, France, Germany & Japan) but within a month (July 2010) Apple will start shipping it to 18 more. But hold on to this, it will be shipped to 88 countries by the end of 2010. This will be the fastest iPhone roll-out ever!!

For those who have their AT&T contract expiring any time in 2010 will be able to get it for this price with a 2 year contract.

This is a huge step towards revolutionizing the mobile phones industry and the coolest feature I can see in it is video calling through Wi-Fi without the need of installing a third party application.

The pre-order starts tomorrow so buckle up and get ready for a new ride by Apple... (okay that sounded cheesy..)

Via Engadget

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