New iPhone 14 Pro Max Mod Converts the eSIM Area To Hold Physical SIM Cards, Along With an Adapter

Dec 5, 2022 08:41 AM EST
New iPhone 14 Pro Max Mod Converts the eSIM Area to Hold Physical SIMs, Along With an Adapter

All iPhone 14 models sold in the U.S. do not support physical SIM cards of any size, and that includes the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Instead, Apple only sells eSIM versions in the country, which the company claims has many benefits, though many will not agree. To make matters simpler, one video shows how an eSIM version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max gets modded to hold physical SIM cards, along with an adapter.

Modder Claims the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s Logic Board Will Not Be Damaged by This Process, but It Does Not Mean You Should Attempt It

Starting off with disassembling the iPhone 14 Pro Max and removing its logic board, ‘fix Apple’ on Twitter has some exceptional soldering skills that allow him to meticulously make some solder joints and allow the aftermarket parts to be fixed into place. After removing the protective housing of the eSIM, the modder proceeds to fix a transparent and flexible SIM PCB that will be able to detect physical SIM cards.

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Sure enough, after the entire process reaches completion, the fast-paced clip shows that ‘fix Apple’ goes to the Settings app and reveals how the SIM card is getting detected by the iPhone 14 Pro Max, indicating a successful mod. As impressive as the entire process was, especially considering the small space the modder had to work it, there are still some answered questions.

For instance, when a new software update rolls out, will it detect a physical SIM that has taken the place of the eSIM and will prevent the device from accessing the network? It is definitely a possibility since Apple has had a history of locking down third-party repairs, which can also include modding. In any case, this process will void your warranty, so if you do not possess experience similar to this modder’s, we do not recommend attempting this.

Image Credits - iFixit

Source: fix Apple

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