iPad Pro And iPhone 6s RAM Count Confirmed Thanks To Xcode – Screenshot And More Details Present Here


Despite the fact that there were several leaks concerning the hardware of iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro, we have now received confirmation regarding the total amount of RAM present in all three products. Let us take a look at the details right here.

Xcode Confirms That iPhone 6s Has 2GB Of RAM While iPad Pro Has 4GB Of RAM – Screenshots Added

According to a Twitter user and iOS developer Hamza Sood, we now know that iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are going to feature 2GB of RAM. Additionally, it has also been confirmed that Apple’s elephantine sized iPad Pro features twice the amount of RAM present in the tech company’s iPad Air 2, and comes to a grand total of 4GB. Given below are the tweets sent from the developer’s account.

“Not much of a surprise but Xcode confirms 2GB of RAM for the 6s (and 6s plus), and 4GB for the iPad Pro.”

“The image asset is chosen based on the memoryClass key in the simdevicetype’s capabilities.plist. 0 = <1GB, 1 = 1GB, 2 = 2GB, 3 = 4GB.”

One reason why this is not a surprising fact is because earlier, we reported that Adobe had accidentally confirmed iPad Pro to feature 4GB of RAM. The 12.9 inch slate also sports an A9X SoC, which according to the company, is 1.8 times faster than A8X. One specification detail revealed was that while using iPad Pro, users would be able to edit three 4K streams at once and in order to achieve that feat, users would require a hefty amount of RAM, a requirement that Apple has fulfilled.

Additionally, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have twice the amount of RAM present in their predecessors. While we are on the subject of mobile hardware, we had also reported that apart from increase in RAM, there was also a leak stating that instead of having a dual-core processor present in Apple A9, both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are running two dual-core processors at different clock speeds as part of ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture. This will no doubt deliver impressive performance. We have a feeling that all of these mobile products are going to shatter previously held records but we are going to have to wait and see for the actual metrics.

So what do you guys think now that it has finally been confirmed that Apple has upgraded the RAM count in both its mobile products. Let us know your thoughts.