iPad mini 7 Will Not Get 120Hz ProMotion Technology as It Will Use a Different Display Component

iPad mini 7 Will Not Get 120Hz ProMotion Upgrade as It Will Use a Different Display Component

Apple’s top-tier hardware currently supports the company’s high refresh rate ProMotion technology, and according to a display analyst, the upgrade will not be found on the upcoming iPad mini 7.

iPad Pro Series Use a Different Display Component, Which Allows Apple’s ProMotion Technology to Be Compatible With It

After being asked about the display upgrade arriving for the iPad mini 7, well-connected Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) analyst, Ross Young responded that he would be ‘surprised’ if the tablet would support ProMotion technology. His reasoning for the iPad mini 7 missing out on this change is simple. The non-Pro tablet lineup from Apple uses an a-Si LCD backplane that is not compatible with ProMotion.

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If you are wondering, this backplane technology also exists on the iPad mini 6 and helps Apple reduce the cost of the slate when mass producing it due to the component’s lower price. The reason why the iPad Pro series is priced higher is because the premium tablets use Oxide LCD screens, also known as IGZO. This technology is preferred in the smartphone industry if companies want to adopt higher contrast panels with high refresh rate values on their products.

If Apple were to use IGZO display technology on the iPad mini 7, it would likely shoot up the price, making it less appealing for customers who are not looking to invest in a pricey tablet. Consequently, those who were looking to purchase an iPad Pro model solely for its ProMotion technology would have little encouragement in picking up the premium slate as that technology would now exist on the iPad mini 7. As a result, sales of the more expensive tablet range would suffer.

For the time being, we do not see Apple bringing ProMotion support to the more affordable range of products. For those that do not know, ProMotion currently exists on the iPhone 13 Pro, the iPad Pro, and the 2021 MacBook Pro family. Given their current pricing, it is evident that Apple uses a better-quality display.

News Source: Ross Young

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