10-Inch iPad Could Tout a Bezel-Free Display With No Home Button, Just Like Upcoming iPhone


While we will be getting our fair share of iPad refreshes in 2017, including the arrival of a 10-inch one, it appears that the latest report has something completely different to tell about the new iPad Pro. The design of the slate is said to be completely different and before you ask, the report claims that there are some attributes that will make it look somewhat similar to the iPhone 8.

Fresh Report Claims That the New iPad Pro Will Sport a 10.9-Inch Screen With a 9.7-Inch Footprint – No Home Button Means Apple Is Ready to Test Out the Change on the New Tablet

The details of the fresh report state that thanks to the bezel-free 10.9-inch iPad Pro, the tablet will have the same footprint as the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro. While details say that the slate will sport a bezel-free design, it should be noted that there are the top and bottom sides of the tablet that will come with a bezel, but that will be provided in order to accommodate space for the FaceTime camera. Additionally, the thickness of the upcoming iPad Pro was also detailed, suggesting that it will be marginally thicker at 7.5mm, resulting as featuring the same form factor as an iPad Air.

Previously, the report stated that the iPad Pro would feature a 10.5-inch screen, while this one states that it will be 10.9 inches. It is difficult to confirm the exact size at the moment, though we have to say that the size seems to be hovering around the 10-inch mark. Apart from this tablet, there are four more incoming, and are as follows:

  • 7.9-inch iPad mini
  • 9.7-inch iPad
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro

The Apple A10X SoC is going to be powering the 10.9 and 12.9-inch one, so we’re excited to see the level of performance being exhibited from both products. The thicker form factor could mean that Apple will have a ton of room to incorporate a variety of components, especially battery life, which is yet to see improvements in mobile devices as far as technological transitions are taken into consideration.

Unfortunately, none of the iPad models incoming in 2017 will feature an OLED display. Reports claim that the 2018 lineup will most likely come with this upgrade. Irrespective, we are certain that the A10X’s 10nm FinFET architecture will provide several benefits when it comes to performance and battery life. Are you guys excited to witness the announcement of a 10.9-inch iPad in 2017? Tell us your thoughts immediately.