Recent iOS 9 Leak Claims Support For Multiple User Mode In iPads

Apple's WWDC event is on the verge to begin which will showcase the future of iOS and OS X. The date is set from 8th to 12th of June where Apple's executives will stage the forthcoming changes in terms of visuals and performance upgrades for its handling systems. The WWDC event have always been the medium to map changes in OS for Apple devices that includes iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs as well.

iOS 9 will obviously be more stable considering developers' approach towards perfection and experience from previous versions. There have been enumerable rumors and leaks considering the upcoming features in iOS and one such leak has caught our attention. The feature is new on iOS platform while it has been in use on a wide scale on Android devices. Roll down for more details on this.

Multi User Mode To Hit iOS 9 Soon After iOS 9 Launch?

Its been three years to the core since the debut of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. From that day on wards, users have been fond of the almighty multi user mode. Multi user mode is a feature that enables users to switch accounts on a single device enabling them to share and protect their personal data. Hence, according to 9to5Mac, Apple has introduced a similar multi user feature for the iPad. Users will be able to share their device without others to deteriorate your personal data.

The idea would be same as that of Macs with multi user accounts for more than one person access. Each user will have access to their own set of data whether it be media, document, images applications and more. However, this feature will be seeded with an update and is not obligatory to arrive with the iOS 9 launch. Nonetheless, the multi user mode will have scope for many fields including education and business. Maybe Apple has plans to launch the multi user mode feature with the ultra hyped iPad Pro.

Alongside the multi user mode, iOS 9 is said to host multi screen app mode. This is a highly speculative assumption as it is already quite late for its arrival. Likewise, the multi screen mode will be focused towards enterprise needs and preferences. Even though some of the features in iOS 9 are specifically designed for the iPad Pro, it would be logical to say that they may also work with previous gen iPads which are supported for the iOS 9 OS. So keep your fingers crossed, Apple fans because the change is nearing in. As for now, share your thought about the multi user mode feature in the comments.

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