iOS 8.2 Expected To Release Next Week By Monday Followed By iOS 8.3

Apple has been working hard on two of the latest upcoming iOS versions. According to BGR, iOS is closing in on its release irrespective of any last minute malfunctioning. At maximum the big iOS 8.2 release could be expected to launch this coming Monday or the next week. As for now, Apple has two versions being tested wildly by the developers. Furthermore, reports claim four beta versions for Apple's post-release, the iOS 8.3. Judging by the reports and several sources, we can see that Apple is moving fast considering its mobile operating systems.

Previously, there had been news about Apple Watch support that will be offered in iOS 8.3 and which is rumored to be released in the April's firs week. Hence, as the Apple Watch period is nearing in, it is logical to suggest that Apple would want to release iOS 8.2 in a week to make room for an even bigger release in April. Two of the four beta versions for iOS 8.3 has been released earlier this week so it leaves two more beta versions to be released before iOS 8.3 is publicly released.

Apple Is Expected To Release iOS 8.2 Next Monday And iOS 8.3 in April

At this point in time, we know very little about the features coming with iOS 8.2 because there has been many iterations of the beta versions that you don't know what to expect. Another interesting point that surfaced according to the reports is an iOS 8.3 public beta version before it has been officially released. It would sure be interesting to see if the public beta pans out.

As far as the iOS 8.3 features are concerned, there would obviously be support for the well hyped Apple Watch and multiple features for improvement which would drench the operating system. The Apple Watch is said to be released in early April this year and for further pricing, other details and other numerous questions will be answered on 9th March on Apple's big event. March 9 will be the date held for 'Spring Forward' media event where according to some sources, the Apple Watch will b showcased and reviewed again. Apart from this the Spring Forward event would also cover the iOS 8.3 in detail. This is it for now folks, ready yourself for the update coming next week, probably Monday. CIAO!


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