Make Your iOS 8 Device Read Text Out Loud In A Few Easy To Follow Steps – Learn More Here

Ramish Zafar

With iOS 8 out, users are finally getting to settle down and dig in into Apple's latest offering. After a few speed bumps which came in the form of the 8.0.1 update, things have settled down, and now we can understand iOS 8 more easily.

One of the features offered in the software is the ability to read text out loud. Whether you're just too lazy to read words on your screen, or you have a disability, this is one feature that makes things easier for a lot of us. So find out how to make your iOS device read text out loud in these steps.

1) Head Over Into Settings And Go To Accessibility.

2) Tap On The Speech Option.

Tap on the speech option in the accessibility menu that you have just opened up. This will present you with a variety of options. Turn on Speak Selection and Speak Screen. Turning these on open up more options which allow you to fine tune your hearing needs on iOS 8.

The difference between Speak Selection and Speak Screen shown above is the amount of text they end up reading to you. Speak Selection, as the name suggests, reads only text that you select on your device. Speak Screen however, is an iOS 8 exclusive feature which reads the entire screen to you. The voices options show the different languages and dialects that you can choose from.

Tapping on English opens up all the different dialects the language is available in. Choose your language, your dialect and whether you want to enable enhanced quality. After you're done with that, open up anything that you want iOS 8 to read out loud.

3) Select The Text You Want Speak Selection To Read.

This option's relatively easy to use, since all you need to do is select the text you want to read. Speak Selection works with Mail, Safari, Messages Notes and more in iOS 8. Simply tap and hold your thumb above the text you want to read. After you're done selecting, you will see a speak option appear on top, as shown in the image below.


4) Swipe Down Two Fingers From Top To Bottom For Speak Screen.

Alex is now available in iOS 8, and with the assistant you have the option to have iOS 8 read out your device's screen entirely. To activate the Speak Screen menu, simply swipe two fingers from top to bottom on your screen. This opens up a new menu as shown below.

The turtle option in the menu slows the reading rate, while as the rabbit as you will have figured out by know, speeds things up. Tapping on the arrow on the top left minimizes the menu, which stays available even if you open up a new app on your device. So happy listening folks. Let us know in the comments section if you have any difficulties in activating the option in iOS 8, or you're having problems using it with apps. Cheers.





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