iOS 6 Install Guide For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Earlier today Apple finally released iOS 6 for the public. iOS enthusiasts around the world are excited about this new update and they want to get their hands on it right away. As you may know, there's a right way of doing something and a wrong way of doing something. This iOS 6 install guide for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will teach you how to get this latest update on your device without causing you any problems whatsoever.

iOS 6 is packed with amazing new features. It contains all of the goodness iOS 5 brought to the table, and then some. Major improvements have been made to the native apps such as Mail and Phone. There's a new Maps app that Apple itself has developed, it provides extraordinary mapping experience in 3D. There's the Passbook app for all your electronic ticket and voucher needs. The default theme has been tweaked as well.

Enough about the features for now, you can find out more about them after you're done installing this new update. Just be sure to follow this iOS 6 install guide to the letter. Pay close attention if you want to install iOS 6 on a software unlocked iPhone or a jailbroken iOS device. Before you begin though it is imperative that you make a backup of the data on your device. You will also need to download iTunes 10.7, as older versions of iTunes do not have support for iOS 6.

First lets address those who don't rely on software unlock and jailbreak. If you fall in this category, simply pick up your device, launch, tap on General followed by Software Update. You will be automatically prompted that iOS 6 is available for your device. Tap the affirmative choice and then sit back, relax and let your iOS device download iOS 6 and install it on its own. You don't need to do anything else, the whole process is automated. The update is sent to your device over-the-air and it is automatically installed. Once the process has finished your device will reboot and once its back up, it will be running iOS 6 firmware.

There's also a manual way to do this. Simply download iOS 6 IPSWs for your respective device. Then launch iTunes, connect your device to the computer, select it from the left side bar, press and hold Shift key on PC or Option key on Mac and click on Restore. Select the IPSW you previously downloaded and iTunes will begin updating the firmware on your device to iOS 6.

If you rely on a software unlock or a jailbreak, unfortunately there's no way of installing iOS 6 at the moment which would not eliminate both options. An iOS 6 jailbreak is yet to be developed, apart from the fact that newer generation devices such as iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5G, iPad 2 and New iPad are harder to jailbreak. Same is the case with developing a software unlock for iPhone.

You can follow the steps listed in this iOS 6 install guide if you can part with the jailbreak, but software unlocked iPhone owners should know that their phones will cease on work on their networks should they upgrade to stock iOS 6 firmware.

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