Introducing the ENGWE X26 All-Terrain E-Bike: Your Powerful Eco-Friendly Ride With Full-Day Battery

ENGWE x26 ebike

Many of us are slowly moving away from cars toward more environment-conscious modes of transport. It is no surprise that E-Bike has taken the world by storm. It enables you to get rid of polluting cars, it frees you from jam-packed public transport during peak hours, and it also helps you explore remote areas on the weekend without having to think about parking spaces.

But, finding an E-Bike that has a solid build, is powerful, comfortable to ride, and has a battery life that doesn't need you to take frequent breaks can be a bit difficult to find. Even if you do manage to find something that has it all, the result can be super pricy.

This is why we were taken by surprise when we first saw the Indiegogo campaign for the ENGWE X26 All-Terrain E-Bike. An E-Bike that does it all and does it all with comfort at the center of its design? Dream come true!

ENGWE X26 ebike

If you have been looking for a bike that can go from office to off-roading, ENGWE X26 is the answer! X26 is designed to deal with all and any terrain with its powerful 1000W motor. It is a beast of a product with dual swappable batteries - yes, a secondary battery is included that can give you an additional 62 miles for uninterrupted riding! Add in the motorbike-level fat tires, an impressive foldable design, and the triple suspension system, and you can see why the X26 has us - and hundreds of backers - excited.

It's a brilliant design that definitely stands apart with its fatty, yummy tires. Pass railroad tracks, mountains, gravel roads, or just take it to work on an urban road - X26 will become your reliable partner. ENGWE X26 also comes with a 48V 12W headlight and ambient light sensors to make night or tunnel riding super safe and fun.

Indiegogo campaign on the X26 E-Bike ends August 14 and with it, the unmissable early bird price of $1,599 (retail: $2,699)

The market is being flooded with E-Bikes, but rarely comes a product that checks all the boxes and manages to catch user attention. ENGWE's funding campaign that has gone way above the goal and gotten support from over 400 backers is a testimony to how the X26 meets the needs of an everyday biker. The campaign is ending in a few days, but the company has already started shipping units, with the early backers having received their bikes.

Offered for $1599 during the campaign period, the ENGWE X26 is cheaper than most all-terrain E-Bike. However, this rate is only for backers and will remain valid for the next few days until the funding campaign ends. If you have been eyeing a reliable, all-terrain, powerful E-Bike, now would be the best time to do your research, read the reviews, and then grab the X26 while it's on the early bird offer. Once the campaign ends, the retail price will be applicable at $2699.

Some of the top features that caught our attention:

  • 1000W motor
  • 31mph max speed
  • 1373Wh dual batteries
  • Triple shock suspension system
  • 26x4 fat bike tires
  • 30% hill climbing
  • Foldable design for easy transport and storage
  • Automatic 48V 12W headlights
  • Maximum 62-mile ride range: a full day of exploring without stopping
  • Height-adjustable leather seats
ENGWE X26 All-Terrain eBike

The ENGWE X26 offers different riding modes that help you sail smoothly on various terrains. For example, you can go with the Normal Mode for daily commute or workouts in the city. Alternatively, you can select the Sports Mode to push it further for intense workouts or climbing hilly areas. The X26 also has an Assist Mode when you want to take it slow and just get home.

But, wait! We haven't even talked about what's the cherry on this cake... this could be a wrong analogy but don't worry, you'll work that cake out with the X26, so let's just eat up! Back to this "cherry," the X26 makes it an absolute delight to ride with its 8 gears! The ENGWE X26 uses the latest gear cassettes from Shimano, a brand that is known for its close-ratio engineering. This engineering effort means regardless of the terrain or your own energy levels, you will always be able to find the right gear to maximize riding efficiency.

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Founded in 2014, the ENGWE is "paranoid about electric bicycle technology," as the team itself likes to say. The team has successfully managed to deliver over 600,000 E-Bikes around the world, and with direct consumer feedback, it continues to upgrade not only its own products but also takes the whole industry forward with its innovations.

Don’t forget to check out the Indiegogo campaign for more details about this brilliantly utilitarian bike and the makers behind it to allay any doubts around the product quality and shipment promises. This is no newcomer; this is a trusted innovator of E-Bikes. Since X26 is already out in the wild, you can also read reviews to verify that this indeed is a must-buy product for anyone looking to buy an E-Bike.


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