Welcome to the Future of Cleaning with 4-in-1 Osotek HotWave Mop Vacuum: Hot Water, Self-Cleaning & Self-Drying


Always looking for futuristic cleaning products? Meet Osotek HotWave, the first-ever 4-in-1 wet-dry-mop-vacuum cleaner with self-drying and water-heating technology. Yep, that's one heavy sentence, but there is no other way to introduce a feature-packed product like Osotek HotWave.

If you can afford a smart vacuum cleaner, Osotek will help you take the game up a few notches with its multi-moded cleaning.

Have pets or kids and feel like robot vacuum cleaners never really give you that squeaky clean floor feeling? Osotek HotWave enables you to use hot water to clean stains that may be hard to remove otherwise. With a suction power of 7500Pa and a 3000ml water tank, HotWave is designed to easily cope with massive workloads. It also comes with a powerful multi-functional base station, which means you don't have to do any after-cleaning cleaning... You know that chaotic task of cleaning up the vacuum; that's totally out of the equation with Osotek HotWave.

Remove the toughest of stains with Osotek HotWave

Osotek heats the water up to 92°C to ensure that it can stay in the 60s °C even when reaching the ground to dissolve and scrub up the toughest, hardened stains without waterlogging. With high-temperature mopping and washing and up to 7500Pa super suction, HotWave can deal with anything from dust, hair, and other dry waste to milk, noodles, porridge, and other wet waste. It's one mega cleaning machine to deal with it all.

The company has also integrated automatic triple self-cleaning functions and three water tanks that include a used water tank (detachable), a clean water tank (built-in), and a water tank in the base station (detachable).

osotek hotwave

Designed for hard floors, such as marble, tile, and wood floors, you won't have to change any brushes for different floor types because it can handle it all. Except for the carpets, since mop vacuum cleaners are not recommended to be used on carpets as that might cause static electricity, which can then push the machine to shut itself down for protection. Osotek is working on developing a specific brush head for carpets to ensure people with carpeted homes can also benefit from this feature-packed cleaning ninja.

Had a playdate? Cleaning because parents are coming over? Choose between Turbo Mode, Automatic Mode, and Water Absorbing Mode to meet different cleaning needs with the tap of a button.

Osotek HotWave multi-functional base station

The intelligent multi-functional base station integrated with the Osotek HotWave can provide a myriad of additional services that take the product from a smart cleaning product to a total pro. These services include heating water, refilling water, and washing and drying itself - all in one press.

Finished cleaning the house or small office? Put your Osotek back to the base station, and the brush will automatically start cleaning and dry with just one press to prevent any bacteria and odor.

If that wasn't enough, Osotek HotWave also manages solid-liquid separation of waste and clean and dirty water separation. Wondering why is there a need to separate clean and dirty water? Because the used brush is self-cleaned with a running water system, and then the used water is separated through a recycle system to improve the cleaning quality.

Osotek HotWave truly is a mega cleaning system that lets you do everything without having to dirty your hands in the process!

Some of the highlights of the Osotek HotWave

  • Three water tanks: 3000ml water tank in the base station that is large enough to refill Osotek 3-4 times | 750ml clean water tank | 640ml used water tank.
  • True self-cleaning: Once back on the base and with a single press, the base station will thoroughly clean the rolling brush with a heat bath. No more detaching and cleaning the dirty brushes yourself.
  • Self-drying: After HotWave is cleaned, the used mop and brush are dried with "warm force" technology with a 58°C hot wind to remove any chances of odor or bacterial growth.
  • 7500Pa Super Suction Power! No more repeated cleaning!
  • Multi-cleaning modes to handle all types of cleaning requirements (wet and dry).
  • Real-time mess detection and suction adjusting: Built-in Infrared sensor can detect ground mess degree in real-time and adjust the suction level to improve the cleaning efficiency.
  • Intelligent voice prompt and LED display in 9 languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Hebrew, and Korean).

Osotek has met its crowdfunding goals on Kickstarters. The company is offering this Super Cleaner for just $499 to its backers. Osotek HotWave will retail for $899, which is still an absolutely fantastic price point for what it offers, but at $499, it's a must-buy 4-in-1 vacuum cleaner!

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