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Intel Skylake-X 28 Core, 56 Thread CPU To Feature Support on X599 Ultra-Premium Enthusiast Platform, Rumor Alleges – LGA 3647 Socket, Hexa Channel Memory Support

Aug 13, 2018

Aside from their LGA 1151 and LGA 2066 refreshes that will be announced shortly, Intel is also working on their ultra-premium, high-end desktop platform featuring support for up to 28 core processors. Latest reports have now revealed what the new premium platform for desktop users will be called.

Intel X599 Ultra-Premium Platform To Support Up To Skylake-X 28 Core CPUs, Hexa Channel Memory and More

According to a report by HD Tecnologia, Intel is prepping their new high-end desktop platform known as X599 which will be shipping alongside the X299 HEDT platform. The target market for this platform will be the ultra-premium niche that AMD is currently targeting with their WX series Ryzen Threadripper 2900 series processors.

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AMD’s lineup features up to 32 cores and 64 threads and Intel currently only offers up to 18 cores and 36 threads on their X299 platform. To address this market need, Intel announced their own creator platform which will include Skylake-X series processors with up to 28 cores and 56 threads.

The X599 platform will feature hexa channel memory support and the LGA 3647 socket which is already featured on the Xeon Scalable family. The socket will be surrounded by a total of 12 DDR4 DIMM slots which will be stunning and expensive for HEDT builders as memory prices still aren’t where they are supposed to be.

At Computex 2018, Intel demoed their 28 core and 56 thread Skylake-X chip. In Cinebench, the chip was shown running at 5.00 GHz across all cores (2.70 GHz base) and scored 7334 multi-core points. In comparison, an overclocked Core i9-7980XE with 18 cores and 36 threads scores around 5000 points while the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX scores around 6000 points with an overclock of 4.1 GHz across all cores. Of course, the demo was done with a high-end chiller which isn’t a very practical use case scenario.

Skylake-X 28 Core Demo PC (Image Credits: TechGage):

This processor may just be the flagship part of the Skylake-X family which has shown up in several roadmaps and was also expected by the end of the current year or Q4 2018. Pricing should be expected beyond the $2000 US range as the current flagship with 18 cores and 36 threads cost $2000 US.

The jump in core count would be followed by a slew of new features which would include increased I/O support, new frequency boost algorithms and support for up to 250W TDP processors.

Intel HEDT Processor Families:

Intel HEDT Family Gulftown Sandy Bridge-E Ivy Bridge-E Haswell-E Broadwell-E Skylake-X Skylake-X Skylake-X Cascade Lake-X
Process Node 32nm 32nm 22nm 22nm 14nm 14nm+ 14nm+ 14nm+ 14nm++
Flagship SKU Core i7-980X Core i7-3960X Core i7-4960X Core i7-5960X Core i7-6950X Core i9-7980XE Core i9-9980XE Xeon W-3175X TBD
Max Cores/Threads 6/12 6/12 6/12 8/16 10/20 18/36 18/36 28/56 18/36
Clock Speeds 3.33/3,60 GHz 3.30/3.90 GHz 3.60/4.00 GHz 3.00/3.50 GHz 3.00/3.50 GHz 2.60/4.20 GHz 3.00/4.50 GHz 3.10/4.30 GHz TBD
Max Cache 12 MB L3 15 MB L3 15 MB L3 20 MB L3 25 MB L3 24.75 MB L3 24.75 MB L3 38.5 MB L3 24.75 MB L3
Max PCI-Express Lanes (CPU) 32 Gen2 40 Gen2 40 Gen3 40 Gen3 40 Gen3 44 Gen3 44 Gen3 44 Gen3 44 Gen3
Chipset Compatiblity X58 Chipset X79 Chipset X79 Chipset X99 Chipset X99 Chipset X299 X299 C612E X299
Socket Compatiblity LGA 1366 LGA 2011 LGA 2011 LGA 2011-3 LGA 2011-3 LGA 2066 LGA 2066 LGA 3647 LGA 2066
Memory Compatiblity DDR3-1066 DDR3-1600 DDR3-1866 DDR4-2133 DDR4-2400 DDR4-2666 DDR4-2800 DDR4-2666 DDR4-2933
Max TDP 130W 130W 130W 140W 140W 165W 165W 255W 165W?
Launch Q1 2010 Q4 2011 Q3 2013 Q3 2014 Q2 2016 Q3 2017 Q4 2018 Q4 2018 2H 2019
Launch Price $999 US $999 US $999 US $1059 US $1700 US $1999 US $1979 US ~$4000 US TBD
Which HEDT platform are you most likely to get?