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Intel’s 14nm Skylake-S Complete Lineup List Prices Leaked – Core i7 6700K and Core i5 6600K to Retail for $313 and $225 Respectively


Skylake-S is launching in a few days time and Benchlife.info has leaked the alleged prices of the various SKUs in the Skylake lineup. As always, I would point out the rumor tag on the top of the post and urge more than a pinch of salt. That said, this source has been spot on about most of the Skylake leaks in the past and should be pretty close to the MSRP (list prices are something that usually vary country by country), if not completely accurate.

Intel Core i7 to lead the Skylake lineup at $313 - alleged SKU MSRPs leaked

A recent leak (from an Australian source) was citing extravagant prices of upto $600, however, I would like to point out that pre order prices are usually exuberantly inflated, especially from sources outside the US. As such, it would be foolish to take any pricing leak at anything other than face value, including this one. However, as I already mentioned, as far as this particular source goes, its track record is spotless. All processors featured in the lineup are manufactured on the 14nm process from Intel and feature the Skylake micro architecture. The processors are supposed to have impressive overclocking capability, since we previously saw the flagship over clocked to 5.0Ghz on air.

The flagship SKU, Intel Core i7 6700K will retail for $313 which is actually pretty cheap, considering the previous flagship MSRPs of $339 USD and $377 USD for the Core i7-4790K and Core i7 5775C respectively. Assuming the information is correct,  the Skylake "K Series" i7 is $64 cheaper than the Broadwell flagship and $26 cheaper than the Haswell flagship. As far as the Intel Core i5 6600K goes, the price listed is  $225 USD. This MSRP is  $52 cheaper than the Broadwell Core i5-5775C which retailed for $277 and $14 cheaper than the Haswell Core i5 which retailed for $239.

The complete lineup includes a total of 10 processors in three tiers. The first tier is the 95W tier which includes the "K Series" or unlocked multiplier processors namely the Core i7 6700K and Core i5 6600K. The second tier includes the mainstream 65W segment with the Core i7 6700, Core i5 6600, Core i5 6500 and Core i5 6400. All of these have a locked multiplier but will feature extended BCLK overclocking support. The last tier is the low power 35W tier with the "T Series" processors including the Core i7 6700T, Core i5 6600T, Core i5 6500T and Core i5 6400T. Since processors are usually more energy efficient at lower clocks, there is quite a bit of difference from the top 95W power tier to the bottom 35W power tier. The Core i7 6700K's turbo boost is listed at 4.2Ghz, but reports from the wild are hinting at Sandy-bridge-like OC potential of the Skylake uArch.

Rumored Skylake-S SKU Price List

WCCFTechBase ClockTurbo ClockCache Cores/ThreadsPrice (USD)
LGA 1151 (95W)
Intel Core i7-6700K4.04.28MB4/8316
Intel Core i5-6600K3.03.96MB4/4225
LGA 1151 (65W)
Intel Core i7-67003.44.08MB4/8282
Intel Core i5-66003.33.96MB4/4199
Intel Core i5-65003.23.66MB4/4179
Intel Core i5-64002.73.36MB4/4170
LGA 1151 (35W)
Intel Core i7-6700T2.83.68MB4/8282
Intel Core i5-6600T2.73.56MB4/4199
Intel Core i5-6500T2.53.16MB4/4179
Intel Core i5-6400T2.22.86MB4/4170