Intel Readies 10-Core Xeon Processors.

Intel has finally announced its new line of Xeon based processors featuring upto 10 Cores. The lineup consists of 29 new chips which will target the server segment. The new CPU's are aimed towards the server marker as the consumer market already consists of its Extreme Edition Processors which come with 6 cores each.

The new line up won't come for consumers as the current extreme edition lineup is enough for the market and is only consumed by hardcore enthusiasts, However adding up more cores to these wont offer a huge gain because there is hardly any application which utilizes even 6 cores.

However, The server market needs every bit of processing power they can get and that's where extra cores can save the day. AMD rival of Intel already have their lineup of 12 core Opteron chips which make quite a bit of a challenge in the market for Intel. Out of the 29 chips, 10-core models and are codenamed Westmere-EX with speeds ranging from 2.0 - 2.4Ghz and come with 105 W and 130 W TDP (thermal design power). The y also offer a cache memory of upto 24-30mb L3 cache.

Intel is yet to finalize the date for the release of the chips. As far as the cost goes, It'll be high as the cheapest server goes for $2,558, while the most expensive is rated at $4,616.


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