Intel introduces New Core and Pentium Series processors.

Intel has included a few new member's to its Core and Pentium Series Processors along with some price cuts on the recent core series CPU's. The Major price cut includes the i7 950 which has got a price cut from $562 to $294 which is almost a 50% cut. The i7 950 is clocked at 3.06Ghz featuring a 8Mb Cache and Turbo's upto 3.33Ghz while consuming 130w of power.

Some recent new comers to the Core i series include the Core i3 560 which is clocked at 3.33Ghz while priced the same as the Core i3 550 CPU which has a clock speed of 3.2Ghz. Those of you who are going to purchase the i3 550 should wait a bit as they will get a better processor without spending extra bucks.

Pentium series has also got some new parts which include two new Wolfdale-based Pentium Processors. First one is a 3.3Ghz clocked E6800 CPU which is priced at 86$ and the other one is a E5700 which features a clock speed of 3.0Ghz and priced at $75. Anoter one includes a 2.7Ghz E3500 which costs $57.

Finally, The Intel's Mobile Section which has not seen any new change but a new dual-core Atom N550 is announced which is priced at 86$, However it sounds a bit costly as a similar old Atom 330 dual-core costs just $43. The last one is a new Xenon W3670 Sic Core processor which is available for 294 US$.


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