Intel’s Third Xe-HPG Powered DG2 GPU Spotted: DG2-256 ‘SOC3’ With 256 EUs, 2048 ALUs


Intel's third DG2 GPU based on the Xe-HPG architecture, the SOC3, has been spotted within Intel's Graphics System Controller Firmware Update library in Linux.

Intel Could Have Three Xe-HPG GPUs In The Works: DG2-256 'SOC3' Spotted With 256 EUs, 2048 ALUs

So far, we have only known two Xe-HPG powered DG2 GPUs, the Intel SOC1 'DG2-512' & the SOC2 'DG2-128'. Both of these chips are based on the TSMC 6nm process node but it looks like Intel may have another chip in its portfolio.

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Spotted within the IGSCU FU in Linux, the Intel SOC3 which is the codename for the DG2-256 GPU has been spotted. As the name suggests, this chip features 256 Execution units, making up a total of 2048 ALUs. Simply put, the SOC3 is half the core configuration of the SOC1 which means that it will be smaller and easier to manufacture.

Intel Arc DG2 lineup referenced in Linux includes SOC1, SOC2 & SOC3 GPUs. (Image Credits: Github)

Now here's the interesting part, the DG2-256 'SOC3' did appear all the way back in 2020 as reports Videocardz however, in the official Arc Alchemist introduction, Intel has only showcased its SOC1 & SOC2 GPUs. It is only now that the SOC3 GPU has reappeared within the Linux update. From what we can assume, the DG2-256 'SOC3' GPU was definitely planned for the mass market but was later canned or it is likely that this chip isn't headed towards the Arc Alchemist lineup but may find its purpose in the other graphics segments such as the Data Center GPUs that Intel also has in works and powered by the Xe-HPG architecture.

Intel Xe-HPG Powered DG2 GPU Family. (Image Credits: Videocardz/Locuza/Igor's Lab)

There are several leaks around a 256 EU configuration being featured in the Intel Arc Alchemist lineup but all of those products (graphics cards, etc) are utilizing a cutdown SOC1 'DG2-512' die instead of the SOC3 'DG2-256' chip. We can't say for sure if we will see this chip in the market or any form yet but Intel is close to unveiling its first Arc Alchemist products based on the Xe-HPG architecture very soon so expect more information on the GPUs and graphics card lineup soon!

Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPU Lineup:

Die Size (Estimated)~400mm2~200mm2~156mm2
Xe Cores32168
Execution Units512256128
Memory Bus256-bit192-bit?128-bit
Memory Capacity16 GB GDDR612 GB GDDR6?8 GB GDDR6
Arc Alchemist FamilyArc A700Arc A500Arc A300