Intel Details oneVPL CPU & GPU Acceleration In FFmpeg

Intel Details oneVPL CPU & GPU Acceleration In FFmpeg 1

Intel introduced oneVPL support within FFmpeg for the company's video processing and acceleration library included in the oneAPI toolkit.

Intel publishes a dev article to better explain oneVPL acceleration in FFmpeg

The oneVPL Video Processing Library helps executions within the processor and the company's in-house GPU acceleration for the most recent 12th Gen Core Alder Lake and Intel Xe hardware. The focus of the acceleration is on Intel Arc Graphics and DG2 hardware, directing to the Media SDK to support previous-generation graphics cards, with the ability to be acclimated for other potential CPU and GPU back-ends.

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The new oneVPL support within FFmpeg will work in tandem with the VA-API or Video Acceleration API support in FFmpeg, as well as seeing support within Intel GPUs.

As part of Intel’s long-term contributions to open source industry standards FFMPEG and GStreamer for media processing, Intel added support for the oneAPI Video Processing Library (oneVPL) to FFMPEG. This is an important change because oneVPL is Intel’s evolution of the Intel® Media SDK (Media SDK). Going forward, the primary way to access new GPU media features is via oneVPL (no more feature additions are being added to Media SDK). All Intel GPU media users are encouraged to switch to oneVPL to take advantage of hardware capabilities as soon as they become available.

Intel has been placing the oneVPL integration for FFmpeg in a "Cartwheel" repository where the company has queued any patchwork or bug fixes before complete upload to the upstream.

Intel Details oneVPL CPU & GPU Acceleration In FFmpeg 2

Several patches concern the VA-API, the QSV, and many more sections. The company still has many more updates within the repository currently in development and waiting for full implementation within the oneVPL integration. The updates will affect Intel Arc Alchemist and DG2 GPUs, but there are no specific dates for any integrations to be uploaded into the main queue.

Readers can check out the most recent developer article on the main webpage to explain how the company uses oneVPL in FFmpeg to access superior streaming on the company's GPUs. The report also describes implementing the newest oneVPL in FFmpeg for Intel GPUs.

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