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Alleged Intel Core i7-8086K 40th Anniversary Processor Leaked and Benchmarked – 6 Cores, 12 Threads, 4.0 GHz Base, 5.1 GHz Boost, 95W TDP

Apr 13, 2018

An alleged Intel processor which goes by the name of Core i7-8086K has just popped up and been tested by a member of a Chinese forum. The sample which is named after the Intel 8086 microprocessor is said to mark the 40th anniversary of Intel’s iconic CPU and would be a really fast design from the looks of it.

Alleged Intel Core i7-8086K CPU Shows Up – Named after Intel’s 8086 CPU, 40th Anniversary SKU Incoming?

First of all, this wouldn’t be the first time Intel is doing an anniversary edition SKU. They have done so with the Pentium G3258 which marked the 20th anniversary of the Pentium processors. Today, we are looking at what might become another anniversary edition SKU, this time marking 40 years since the iconic Intel 8086 microprocessor.

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Alright so moving on to the specifications, the Core i7-8086K has similar core configuration as the Core i7-8700K. It features 6 cores, 12 threads and 12 MB of L3 cache. The TDP is maintained at 95 Watts which is the same as the Core i7-8700K. The clock speeds are currently the fastest for an Intel 6 core processor. We are looking at a base clock of 4.00 GHz which boosts all the way up to 5.1 GHz. The 5.1 GHz boost clock is single-core and all core boost is rated at 4.4 GHz but mostly stable at 4.3 GHz unless provided proper cooling.

Intel Core i7-8086K 40th Anniversary Edition Specs:

CPU Name Intel Core i7-8700K Intel Core i7-8086K
CPU Family Coffee Lake-S Coffee Lake-S
Platform Desktop LGA 1151 Desktop LGA 1151
CPU Cores 6 6
CPU Threads 12 12
Base Clock 3.70 GHz 4.00 GHz
Boost Clock 4.70 GHz 5.00 GHz
L3 Cache 12 MB 12 MB
Graphics UHD 630 UHD 630
TDP 95W 95W
Price $359 US $429 US (Limited Quantities)

Intel Core i7-8086K CPU-Z Info:

The temperatures show that under a Cooler Master T400i air cooler, the chip performs around 70C but when all cores are overclocked to 5.0 GHz, the temperature instantly spikes above 95C and almost ends up near the 100C wall. So you’d have to provide some beefy cooling to keep this thing cooled. However, if cooling is there, overclocking on the chip is a breeze and said sample can do 5.1 GHz with literally no effort.

Intel Core i7-8086K BIOS:

During the testing, the user stated that the current BIOS of the Z370 Tomahawk was delivering some inconsistent performance results so that segment remains to be tuned since this is still an early sample. As seen in the benchmark tests, the chip provides relatively no difference in single core performance over the Core i7-7700K but crushes it in multi-core tests due to 4 more threads.

Intel Core i7-8086K Performance and Thermal Testing:

This processor *if real* would be the fastest 6 core option available on the market. Launching around June which marks the 40th anniversary of the 8086 microprocessor, it would definitely provide Intel with a PR boost.

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The timing could also be perfect to introduce their new Z390 platform which is expected to bring new 8 core processors to the market. Till then enjoy the news and let us know your thoughts about the Core i7-8086K processor down in the comments.