Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge – 77W Quad Core Leaked Online


A forum member at Chiphell has leaked the first test results of an Intel Core i5 Quad Core Processor based on the new 22nm Ivy Bridge Architecture.

From the looks of it, The chip is still in engineering phase featuring a 22nm Quad Core Design Architecture running at a stock core frequency of 2.2Ghz while idle frequency remains at 1.6Ghz as seen in the CPU-z screenshot. The chip also comes with 8Mb L3 Cache, 4 Threads and a TDP design of 77W. The stock frequency is lower since the chip is in engineering phase, Retail specs are listed in the chart below:

The forum member was nice enough to post some results too, In Super Pi 1M the chip managed to complete the test in 14.219 seconds which shows that the performance of the core compared to similar clocked Sandy Bridge Processors has increased quite a bit, Expect more from a higher clocked CPU. Also a Fritz Chess Benchmark test was also ran and scored 7415 thousand steps per second in that.

If you're looking for more info on Intel's Upcoming Ivy Bridge processors, head over to the post below:

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