Intel Arc A370M-based laptops from ASUS and HP appear online for $1400 & $2000 respectively

Jason R. Wilson

Intel launched the next-gen ARC discrete GPU laptop series almost one month ago. Since then, the only available laptops using the new technology have been in South Korea. However, Acer, ASUS, and HP announced their laptops for sale beginning in May. ASUS and HP appear in listings on tech eCommerce website Best Buy, ushering in the first laptops anticipated by users.

2-in-1 laptops with Intel Alder Lake and Arc A370M graphics solutions appear online from HP and ASUS

Both ASUS and HP are listed on the online retailer's store, showing that each company will be offering a 2-in-1 laptop utilizing the Intel ARC A370M GPU. The two companies may be offering entry-level systems with their choice of discrete graphics, but at least we see a complete ACM-G11-based unit using eight Xe-Core processors.

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Based on earlier reports, the new ARC laptop GPU was speculated to only be available for a single laptop system. No benchmark tests have appeared online for the A370M graphics, so information has previously been limited.


HP will sell its popular Spectre laptop series, offering a 16-inch touchscreen panel for $1,999.99. ASUS will release the Zenbook Flip, another famous line offering a similar-sized OLED screen (15.6-inch) that will retail for $1,399.99. The two systems are "tentatively" listed on Best Buy and are not currently for sale. The online retailer does not provide an estimated launch time for the site.

On the other hand, Acer, missing from the listing on Best Buy, is anticipated to offer the ARC A370M graphics for their Swift X laptop system. The newest laptop from the company has had numerous rescheduled launch dates and is currently slated to arrive in June of this year.

While consumers and enthusiasts await the Intel ARC A550M, A730M, and A770M computer systems, the ARC A370M is the second discrete graphics offered by the company. The ACM-G10 series from Intel is officially confirmed for sale around the end of June 2022.

Both Intel's ACM-G11 and AMD Navi 24 graphics processors share fairly identical TDPs and also memory bus sizes of 64-bit. AMD states that the Intel ARC A370M will not be able to compete with the company's Radeon RX 6500M graphics. Without proof from Intel, it is unknown if this information is accurate, especially with both companies using TSMC N6 process technology fabrications.

Source: BestBuy (HP, ASUS)

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