Intel 13th Gen Mobility Family Roars With HX, H, P & U CPUs: Raptor Lake Core i9-13980HX Is The First 24 Core Laptop Chip

Hassan Mujtaba
Image of the 13th Gen Core Hx-55W mobile chip on a graphic background - angle 2. Includes the embedded renditions (16x9, 4x3, 1x1) for usage.

Intel is officially lifting the curtains off its 13th-Gen Mobility CPUs that will cover the ultra-enthusiast and entry-level laptop segment.

Intel 13th Gen Mobility CPUs Official: Raptor Lake Core i9-13980HX Is The World's First 24 Core Laptop Chip

This CES, Intel is bringing its quad Raptor attack with four diverse 13th Gen Mobility CPUs family covering the entire laptop segment. We have the HX series that sits at the top and cover the ultra-enthusiast segment, we have the H series that covers the thin yet still enthusiast laptop segment, we have the P-series which are designed for thin & light performance laptops, and finally, there's the U-series which are designed for entry-level thin & light designs. Today's highlights include the following:

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  • Intel announces the 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processor family, led by the launch of the new flagship Intel Core i9-13980HX, the first 24-core processor for a laptop and the world’s fastest mobile processor.
  • Intel introduces the 13th Gen Intel Core H-, P- and U-series mobile processors to power the latest enthusiast, thin-and-light laptop designs and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
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  • Intel launches the new Intel Processor N-series for entry-level education and mainstream laptops, desktops, and edge native applications.

Intel 13th Gen Mobility CPU Die Shots:


Intel 13th Gen Mobility CPU Wafer Shots:


13th Gen HX 'Extreme Performance' 55W Mobility CPUs

As expected, Intel's top SKU for 2023 in its 13th Gen Raptor Lake-HX portfolio is the brand new Core i9-13980HX which is the first laptop chip to not only offer an insane 24 cores but also clock speeds of up to 5.6 GHz. The Intel Raptor Lake-HX CPUs utilize the same dies as the desktop line and feature support for DDR5-5600/4800 memory while featuring a GT2 tier integrated GPU that houses up to 32 EUs. The Raptor Lake-HX parts are rated for a base operation of 55W and a max turbo power of 157W. The lineup features a total of 9 SKUs which range from 24, 20, 16, 14 & 10 core flavors.


All Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake-HX CPUs come with broad overclocking support in an unlocked design and dynamic memory overclocking with XMP 3.0 support. They also support PCIe Gen 5 (x16/2x8), dual discrete Thunderbolt 4 controllers, and Intel Killer WIFI6E+BT-LE Audio. As for the performance figures, Intel is claiming an 11% increase in single-threaded and 49% increase in multi-threaded performance over the Core i9-12900HK. The CPU sits over 50% faster than AMD's Ryzen 9 6900HX in multi-threading workloads.


Besides creator workloads, Intel is also claiming up to 12% faster gaming performance over the Alder Lake-HX CPUs.

13th Gen H 'Thin Enthusiast' 45W Mobility CPUs

Next up, we have the Intel Raptor Lake-H family which comprises eleven 13th Gen Core SKUs. The flagship model is the Core i9-13900HK which features 14 cores and 20 threads with a boost clock of up to 5.4 GHz. The lineup will feature support for LPDDR5-6400/5200 memory and while there will be a majority of discrete GPU options, the CPU itself will also carry up to 96 EUs. The TDP is rated at 45W and up to 115W MTP for the majority of the SKUs while the Core i5 stack is rated at up to 95W MTP.

Similar to the HX parts, the 13th Gen Intel HX CPUs also bring up to 11% faster performance across various CrossMark benchmarks, leading against AMD's Ryzen 6000 and Apple's M1 Max CPUs.

13th Gen P 'Performance Thin & Light' 28W & U 'Modern Thin & Light' 15W CPUs

Intel seems to have scaled down its 13th-Gen P-series lineup which only features four SKUs with up to 14 cores and 20 threads. The Core i7-1370P leads the pack with up to 5.2 GHz clock speeds. The CPU family supports a 28W base and 64W MTP power. All chips are Intel vPRO eligible. The U-series is where the actual action is happening. These chips are targeted at laptop designs that focus on thin & light operations and don't feature any discrete GPUs. The lineup features support for up to LPDDR5-6400 memory and TDPs range between 15W base to 55W MTP.


Alder Lake-N Mobility/Desktop CPUs

Intel is also offering its Alder Lake-N SKUs for both laptops and desktops. These entry-level designs are meant to be replacements for the Celeron and Pentium series. The Core i3 N-series chips come with 8 cores and 8 threads with all E-Cores to boot, support for LPDDR5/DDR5/DDR4-3200 memory and 15-7W MTP power while the Processor N200/N100 feature 4 cores, 4 threads, and 6W MTP.


We will have a roundup of all the latest laptops featuring these chips coming up over the next few days as the designs are unveiled.


Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Mobility CPU Lineup:

CPU NameFamilyCores/ThreadsBase ClockBoost ClockGPU CoresTDP (Base/MTP)
Core i9-13980HXRPL-HX24 (8+16)2.2 GHz5.6 GHz32 EU55 / 157W
Core i9-13950HXRPL-HX24 (8+16)2.2 GHz5.5 GHz32 EU55 / 157W
Core i9-13900HXRPL-HX24 (8+16)2.2 GHz5.4 GHz32 EU55 / 157W
Core i7-13850HXRPL-HX20 (8+12)2.1 GHz5.3 GHz32 EU55 / 157W
Core i7-13700HXADL-HX16 (8+8)2.1 GHz5.0 GHz32 EU55 / 157W
Core i5-13650HXADL-HX14 (6+8)2.6 GHz4.9 GHz16 EU55 / 157W
Core i5-13600HXADL-HX14 (6+8)2.6 GHz4.8 GHz32 EU55 / 157W
Core i5-13500HXADL-HX14 (6+8)2.5 GHz4.7 GHz16 EU55 / 157W
Core i3-13450HXADL-HX10 (6+4)2.4 GHz4.6 GHz16 EU55 / 157W
Core i9-13900HKRPL-H14 (6+8)2.6 GHz5.4 GHz96 EU45 / 115W
Core i9-13905HRPL-H14 (6+8)2.6 GHz5.4 GHz96 EU45 / 115W
Core i9-13900HRPL-H14 (6+8)2.6 GHz5.4 GHz96 EU45 / 115W
Core i7-13800HRPL-H14 (6+8)2.5 GHz4.0 GHz96 EU45 / 115W
Core i7-13705HRPL-H14 (6+8)2.4 GHz3.7 GHz96 EU45 / 115W
Core i7-13700HRPL-H14 (6+8)2.4 GHz3.7 GHz96 EU45 / 115W
Core i7-13620HADL-H10 (6+4)2.4 GHz3.6 GHz64 EU45 / 115W
Core i5-13600HRPL-H12 (4+8)2.8 GHz4.8 GHz80 EU45 / 95W
Core i5-13505HRPL-H12 (4+8)2.6 GHz4.7 GHz80 EU45 / 95W
Core i5-13500HRPL-H12 (4+8)2.6 GHz4.7 GHz80 EU45 / 95W
Core i5-13420HADL-H8 (4+4)2.1 GHz4.6 GHz48 EU45 / 95W
Core i7-1370PADL-P14 (6+8)1.9 GHz5.2 GHz96 EU28 / 64W
Core i7-1360PADL-P12 (4+8)2.2 GHz5.0 GHz96 EU28 / 64W
Core i5-1350PADL-P12 (4+8)1.9 GHz4.7 GHz80 EU28 / 64W
Core i5-1340PADL-P12 (4+8)1.9 GHz4.6 GHz80 EU28 / 64W
Core i7-1365URPL-U10 (2+8)1.8 GHz5.2 GHz96 EU15 / 55W
Core i7-1355URPL-U10 (2+8)1.7 GHz5.0 GHz96 EU15 / 55W
Core i5-1345URPL-U10 (2+8)1.6 GHz4.7 GHz80 EU15 / 55W
Core i5-1335URPL-U10 (2+8)1.3 GHz4.6 GHz80 EU15 / 55W
Core i5-1334UADL-U10 (2+8)1.3 GHz4.6 GHz80 EU15 / 55W
Core i5-1315UADL-U6 (2+4)1.2 GHz4.5 GHz64 EU15 / 55W
Core i5-1305UADL-U5 (1+4)1.6 GHz4.5 GHz64 EU15 / 55W
Processor U300ADL-U5 (1+4)1.2 GHz4.4 GHz48 EU15 / 55W
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