Instagram Zoom Feature Has Already Begun Rolling Out To Some Android Users


A few days ago, Instagram introduced a brand new feature on its iOS app that allowed users to zoom Instagram photos. It was a highly requested feature which would not make it to Android users until "the coming weeks". However, as per Android Police, the Instagram zoom feature is now beginning to roll out on Android in a matter of days. Let's see some more details on Instagram's zoom feature on Android.

Instagram Zoom Feature Rolling Out To Some Android Users Around The Globe

The feature was first recorded by Tim Bremer and shared on Google+ and judging on the bases of the post, a few other users also have access to the feature. This seems to be a server side switch so the feature will be unavailable to you even if you try to update your photo sharing app. Moreover, even if you try to install an APK of the latest version, the feature will practically remain unavailable.

The pinch-to-zoom feature has existed for quite a while now. However, Instagram seemed to have been a little reluctant in adopting it. It's uncanny why doesn't the most popular photo sharing platform want its users to have zooming capabilities.  Since the feature rests on the basic level when talking about photos, it should have arrived a long time ago. Nonetheless, the feature is now here and we're glad.

A few days back, Instagram's announcement puts Android users on hold for a few weeks. Now that some of them already have access to the feature, it can be expected that an update is nearing in. Personally, I did find the feature accessible on my Android phone, so I anticipate it to arrive sooner than expected. Moreover, do pinch on photos the next time to check whether the Instagram zoom feature has arrived on your device.

The Instagram zoom operation is simple. All you have to do is scroll to your desired photo and perform the pinch-to-zoom gesture. You will see that the image zooms in. However, the image would return to its original form once you let go of the gesture. Zooming in on photos would allow you to see the image in a little more detail.

This is it for now, folks. Did the Instagram zoom feature arrive on your Android phone? How are you liking the feature? Let us know in the comments.