Instagram Lite is Finally Making Its Way to Over 170 Countries

Instagram Lite is Finally Making Its Way to Over 170 Countries

Instagram launched Instagram Lite in December last year. As the name suggests, it served as the light-weight version of the main app and was designed specifically for users who had slow internet connectivity and low-end smartphones. However, back then, the app was limited to India, but Instagram promised that it would make its way to other countries. That is finally happening as Instagram Lite is now available in more than 170 countries.

At just 2MB, Instagram Lite is tiny compared to the full app, which is at 30MB in size. However, don't worry, as it still offers all the core features of the main app, including the Reels. Instagram Lite is developed in collaboration with Instagram New York and Instagram Tel Aviv teams.

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Instagram Lite Allows You to Spend Hours Browsing Photos Even on Slower Devices or Internet Connection

Tzach Hadar, Director of Product Management at Facebook Tel Aviv, had the following statement regarding this new app.

Our teams build these lightweight versions of our apps for people with low connectivity or limited data plans, because our basic premise is to leave no one behind.

The app uses many optimizations like image compression, CDN caching, and other similar techniques to ensure that the media loads faster even when you are using a slow connection or a slow device. To make the app faster, certain features were removed—for instance, AR filters, along with demanding animations. The way Instagram Lite achieved the smaller size was by breaking down the Java libraries into smaller pieces and retaining only the functions that were needed by the app.

Instagram Lite is only available for Android devices, and the company has no plans on releasing one for iOS. The app is currently rolling out to more than 170 countries starting today and will be available to download from Google Play Store; the team has commented about how they will be bringing this app to more markets soon.

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