Indian Firm has acquired half of Codemasters.


Popular game developer Codemasters recently has been half-ly acquired by the Indian firm Reliance Big Entertainment, the deal is expected to help Codemasters out of the "tight spot" it's in currently against it's fellow competitors, Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens reportedly said:

"I think it leapfrogs us forward," Codemasters boss Rod Cousens told, "and where we've been this high-quality company in England, I think this really propels us on a global stage, and no one can doubt the financial resources behind this company now."

perhaps this really is a great opportunity for the game developing company, because of india's "high market" for social and mobile games not to mention cheap out-sourcing for the company to get more work done for less price.

Will India really be the life raft of Codemasters in the endless ocean that is the gaming developers world or will they make matters worse.