The Immersive Angular 2 Bundle Is Available At 88% Discount For A Few Hours – Get It Now!

Immersive Angular 2 Bundle

Angular 2 is the new version of the JavaScript framework created by Google. It is the latest thing in the world of developers and it will help you stand tall among the other developers. It is not, however, easy. But no need to worry because we have a great solution for you. Wccftech is offering an amazing deal on The Immersive Angular 2 Bundle and the deal expires in a few hours! 88% discount on a course bundle is simply amazing! It contains 6 very comprehensive courses and you won’t regret making this investment. A onetime investment at such a great price is something very hard to come by.

The Immersive Angular 2 Bundle features

The courses are as follows and I added some highlights about what each course has to offer.

  • Angular 2 From The Ground Up – This basic level course in the Immersive Angular 2 Bundle covers the basics of Angular 2 and will help you stand tall among the other developers.
  • Learn Angular 2 Development By Building 10 Apps – With this course you will be able to build 10 apps and also will explore the large scalable JavaScript Library.
  • Angular 2 Crash Course – This course will help you give your resume a boost as you become familiar with the AngularJS framework.
  • Angular 2 with TypeScript for Beginners: The Pragmatic Guide – This is a very comprehensive course and will teach you to build applications within minutes.
  • Angular 2 Fundamentals for Web Developers – This course will teach you to build dynamic and vibrant websites.
  • Angular 2 Demystified – This course will allow you to build scalable and maintainable web and mobile apps easily.

The courses are extremely comprehensive and this investment is something you will never regret. The deal offers lifetime access to the course content. The time is limited so you better hurry up.

Immersive Angular 2 Bundle Original Price: $349
Immersive Angular 2 Bundle Wccftech Discount Price: $41

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