Images of Upcoming Windows 8 App Store Leaked.

A few leaked screenshots have revealed Microsoft's Windows App Store which is an exclusive feature of its upcoming OS "Windows 8". The App Store not only looks similar to Apple's App Store but also has a similar functionality to the MAC App store and Ubuntu Software Center.

The screenshots have been taken directly from Windows 8 OS. An early Build of the OS (Windows 8) was leaked last night which you can check out here.

From the looks of it, The App will allow downloads of many well know apps which include games, Office applications and more. A few Apps like Opera and Angry Birds also show that Microsoft are following suit with other content providers by opening up to third-party applications. The App will prove great for users so they can directly download software to their PC's.

The only thing that concerns me is will Microsoft use the "App Store" Title. I know it looks Official from the screenshots but Apple's Move to sue Amazon for the use of the name “App Store”, Maybe Microsoft will be in the same list if it continues to use the "App Store" title.

You can check out the images below:


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