IBM Intros Osprey Quantum Processor, Over 400 Quantum Bits To Power Quantum System Two

Jason R. Wilson
IBM Intros Osprey Quantum Processor, Over 400 Quantum Bits To Power Quantum System Two 2

IBM announces the Osprey quantum processor, offering an impressive 433 quantum bits, also known as qubits, that requires constant cooling from a cryogenic cooling system. The development of the newest IBM Osprey quantum processor is focused on data centers and high-performance computing businesses.

IBM Osprey quantum processor delivers unbelievable power compared to the previous Eagle quantum processor from 2021

Previously, IBM developed the Eagle quantum processor last year, which produced 127 qubits of processing power for data centers and HPCs. Now, IBM Osprey offers a three percent improvement in computing power from the previous generation. The quantum processor from IBM requires a cryogenic cooling system to keep the temperatures at absolute zero. The company explains that the undertaking from the processor is quite loud but also sensitive to external sounds.

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IBM Intros Osprey Quantum Processor, Over 400 Quantum Bits To Power Quantum System Two 1

IBM Osprey incorporates specially designed wiring, offering enhanced signal routing and a new device layout, and utilizes an in-system filtering to assist with increased durability and limiting the high noises emitting from the quantum processor. The wiring used for data delivery saves on costs for IBM, which is seventy percent more affordable to gain the same results as the Eagle quantum processor. This cost-saving feature will allow the company to "commercialize" the newest designs better. The new Osprey platform aligns with the development roadmap toward quantum systems implemented in 2019.

The IBM Osprey's performance compared to the company's Eagle quantum processor is ten times more efficient, increasing from 1.4K Circuit Layer Operations Per Second, or CLOPS. It also raised the quantum volume from its predecessor from 128 QV to 512 QV.

CLOPS is a metric correlated with how fast a quantum processor can execute circuits.

— IBM Blog article from the beginning of this month, titled "Driving quantum performance: more qubits, higher Quantum Volume, and now a proper measure of speed."

The company demonstrated its newest Quantum System Two, which offers a modular design for companies and organizations to adapt to a singular or more extensive plan for their infrastructures.

IBM is slated to reveal its newest Quantum System Two during the Quantum Summit in 2023.

News Sources: IBM, IBM

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